1. Too much of a weirdo to find them on this list

  2. yet people talk about damn skippy and other lemon demon albums BEFORE mouth dreams and yet I'm late?

  3. People still do talk about it freely, but it won’t be as frequent as it was two years ago. It also doesn’t seem to be liked as much compared to the other mashup albums (even sounds for some reason). Albums like Damn Skippy and Hip to the Javabean also have new remasters so of course people are going to talk about it more, no matter how much older it is than Dreams which hasn’t been touched since then. I never said you can’t talk about it, but I wouldn’t expect much talk about it. It could be timeless as others said, but “no one” talking about it now proves my point.

  4. People still talked about damn skippy and hip to the javabean more than mouth dreams even BEFORE the remasters. They have always been more popular than mouth dreams even if mouth dreams came out two years ago.

  5. I’m going to say Fantano bashing it played a role in that. Also lot of lemon demon fans don’t listen to the mouth albums that much. Mouth Dreams just went through a lot of unfortunalities.

  6. Sexual harassment is the only right answer.

  7. Hustle culture people to me usually translate to “i have no hobbies and nothing else gives me joy than working”

  8. I’m getting déjà vu with this comment thread

  9. They want to organize high school reunions every 5 years.

  10. Luckily for me I probably wouldn’t get invited to them! I don’t really want anything to do with HS now, unless someone asks me to go I ain’t showing up.

  11. This would be an unofficial upload. Needlejuice's release is part of the One Weird Tip EP and has an internet glitch-core image of a busy computer desktop.

  12. It seems to be legit. It has the same distro as everything else

  13. Children having phones at 6 years old and unlimited internet access. People think gen z has mental problems. Just wait to see what will happen with gen alpha

  14. Early internet access is shitted on too much. Not sure about phones because you can easily just get an iPad or tablet (I wouldn’t trust 6 year olds with access to calling ANYONE despite growing up with home phones which would result in the same outcome). You can learn so much on the internet at a young age and explore your interests freely, and more than in a classroom setting. It’s practically a library where you can find things instantly.

  15. I will always be vegetarian. If I was vegan I would probably be extremely malnourished and dead in a month.

  16. The right girl will think you’re interesting as hell. Keep trying dude

  17. Statistically with my social interactions the “right girl” will never meet me. sigh

  18. The Lemon Demon wiki that's on Fandom is full of inaccuracies

  19. According to the OP it also stated Neil never knew he made the album which wouldn’t make sense cause how would people know of it’s existence then. Lmao

  20. Living life in a zany 80s-90s movie set in the South West United States. I am talking about some Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Shit with a custom Danny Elfman soundtrack playing for every single event that happens.

  21. They’re pretty cool, Moonbeam is one of my favorites.

  22. Not sure about the worst but a nudist beach life guard would be the best.

  23. Dying with all your goals met? A happy conclusion.

  24. Break out of cliquey conformity or whatever and form their own interests. This doesn’t mean delete social media, this means stop depending on popular trends while still being able to enjoy them, just not with pressure. You can be your own self and not live like a bot.

  25. There is none. Everything is a waste and lie. Stay delusional.

  26. I talk in a Microsoft Sam voice pitched down 2 octaves when I’m angry and 1 octaves and a half up when I’m happy.

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