Marijuana criminalization

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  1. The one I'm most pissed off about is the white cop that started it all at stop one. He's the guy that made it obvious they were out for this guy's blood, giving him legal reason to flee, which in turn triggered a murderous rage.

  2. First one took me a little under a year, but that can be attributed to it having been my quarantine hobby. I’m on my second one now and I have no idea how long it’ll take.

  3. The only silver lining is that the murdering cops have already been charged with murder.

  4. I hope that their charging and conviction will set a precedent for being tougher on these kinds of cops.

  5. Maybe make the biome just under the surface then, so it’s an old petrified forest with pieces of amber at the roots/trunks or smth, could be cool in combination with the archaeology update

  6. To add some challenge to the biome, there could be pools of tree resin that haven’t yet solidified into amber that you can get stuck in

  7. I think that reddit's meant to be reserved for missing jokes that are actually funny to someone.

  8. I just did this a little bit ago but with my own original characters that I’m trying to turn into a book

  9. It would’ve been better had Mojang not failed to deliver on the bare minimum and then tried to shame the community for having expected anything. That whole fiasco with the non-negotiable chat monitoring system in 1.19.1 was the cherry on top.

  10. ... I thought the silhouettes were of a monkey putting the water up its butt ngl

  11. Oh I thought you meant that a lot of disabled people can't be vegan and they argue with that

  12. My brother is autistic and his only vegan safe foods are apples, peanut butter crackers and spaghetti with marinara.

  13. Yep, same boat here. Autistic picky eater who has to listen to vegans tell me I’ll be totally fine if I just cut out half the foods in my diet for being animal products and survive on mashed potatoes and corn chips for the rest of my life.

  14. When they pleasure a woman, they know exactly how to handle her, despite meeting her for the first time earlier that day. Also sober.

  15. This one's actually surprising to me considering how common "men can't find the clitoris" jokes are among women. Which one is it? Are men totally incompetent at pleasuring women or are they hypercompetent sexual gods?

  16. Out of curiosity, what pre-existing health condition do you have that requires you to eat animals?

  17. I'd be happy to explain, if it weren't for the fact that every single other time I've done so it's opened me up to ridicule for my illness and/or led to a lengthy and pointless debate with an armchair specialist. I sincerely apologize if you are genuinely curious and in good faith, but I'd really rather not expend my energy this time.

  18. Fair enough. Well, from my discussions and understanding about this topic, some health issues are said by some non-vegans as barring them from becoming vegan when that would not be the case. One example is having inflammatory bowel disease, which I personally have (Crohn’s), and one can certainly become vegan with the disease.

  19. First off, all the power to you for being able to go vegan with Crohn's; that's gotta be tough.

  20. Just the two party system in general. Fuck that noise, I can only marginslly trust dems over literally any rep, which is why they get my vote all the time,but it doesnt have to be that way.

  21. The two parties are literally just playing "good cop, bad cop" with us. It's all a ruse. Neither are our friends.

  22. Every year I'm bummed I can't easily find cozy socks for my husband. Do men not know the joy of fuzzy slippers socks?

  23. of course not, comfort is emasculating and any real men will scorn the very thought /s

  24. Bropill is a great sub for feminists/ anyone who respects others. It is centered around positivity and building up men outside of the toxic masculinity. Women are welcome as being a bro just means you respect others.

  25. I'm so glad to find out this sub exists and will gladly stand beside y'all as your sis ✊

  26. I am so happy to learn that sub exists. Thank you for giving me a dose of faith in humanity for the day, and possibly giving struggling men someplace to go.

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