A photo from the Bush to Obama transition, 2009

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  1. Lol 5’11.75” and 210 with visible abs. GTFO.

  2. Surprised that he’s from Boston. He pulled off the redneck accent so well.

  3. Not to be confused with his “long ass neck”.

  4. Teddy was a brown belt in Judo , practiced jujitsu and boxed. But Lincoln was a beast.

  5. Lincoln was like 6’5” which is huge now so imagine 200+ years ago.

  6. New evidence that millennial scientists have read decades old literature.

  7. Umm I’m a millennial and I will be 40 soon. You probably mean Gen Z which starts around 1997-2000.

  8. Seinfelds standup is funny but for sitcoms Larry David > Jerry Seinfeld

  9. Even at the height of his career, I’ve found Kat Williams annoying as all hell. The pimp jokes only work so many times

  10. The Big Bang theory is the idea of a Catholic Priest 🤷🏼

  11. Also a mathematician and a numbers guys who also happened to be a priest.

  12. Put pen on your clothes and then spray this on that stain. Hairspray will get rid of pen stains even on the body.

  13. I know it sounds like something out of a really bad action movie, but I still believe it's possible we see Trump flee to Russia at some point. I'm not saying it's likely, but with the heat from the federal investigation(s) turning up, there's at least like a 5% chance that it happens.

  14. You feel old? The 70'is in my lifetime. The 60's is in my lifetime

  15. I respect that he doesn't care for any of the legacy bullshit and does what he wants for his career like all of us would want to in our own careers if we could. He still deserves to get clowned though when it backfires

  16. He gets clowned because he is a Max contract player since he was drafted. It comes with the territory. You wouldn’t say it to his face though because without a ladder you’d be talking to his dick.

  17. Unfortunately we are were we are because of rules like these ya old ass boomer.

  18. I just started watching Ratched and this is terrifying!

  19. https://giphy.com/gifs/MU0PiSrP6TdueQoCLT

  20. I’ve been thinking Kreps is the love child and he’s broke.

  21. Apparently, the Human race is a hybrid type of life, a creation of others intelligent form of life. This intelligent life changed the dna of our apes ancestors, altered/engineered our evolution/dna to make us evolved to what we are today. They gave us some knowledge in some unknown ways, and that’s how we became modern humans.

  22. Certainly possible; he seems like he would randomly say creepy stuff without necessarily meaning it, just to annoy people, but if that's the case then it seems an odd choice by the writers to put this particular dialogue in the scene. Lol

  23. Like Lucy is highscooler and went to Kreps knowing he was a police officer too, it seemed. That line with the interaction really stuck out to me.

  24. He's on house arrest so he was probably just chilling in his apartment at the time

  25. No cell signal though so he’d be free to roam during that time (if he was in on it).

  26. I think GG and the killer might be two different people. GG seems like he is both trying to protect the trio and protect the killer…. He texted them to get out of the building the night of the murder (protecting the trio), but wants to destroy evidence (protecting the killer). I don’t know how Kreps would have known about the passageways. My current guess is that Kreps is GG, and someone else is the killer, but Kreps is trying to protect the identity of the killer for some reason. The thing that doesn’t sit right for me is - Why would an NYPD detective need a second job?

  27. Kreps is the love child of Bunny’s mom and Charles’ Dad.

  28. No, his fg numbers from 45+ yards are terrible. Die hard Akers fan too.

  29. No you understand why Charlie and Frank always and I mean ALWAYS boil their denim.

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