1. ignores the fact that the US was the one who installed these religious fanatic governments

  2. The “it’s not going to lick itself” neon is the sign from an ice cream parlor. They’re eating ice cream. Scary purple lights doesn’t make it gay.

  3. You might want to include those 10 strains otherwise your recommendations aren’t going to be effective.

  4. Well this is labeled a review so since this person is so easily impressed with a very average product, how will you take their word moving forward on say flower or concentrates which aren’t remotely the same experience or flavor as one of those. You can like a product, doesn’t mean it’s a 10/10 🤷‍♀️

  5. It’s a personal review, having botanical terps doesnt preclude people from enjoying a product that works for them at a 10/10 level. But sure, go off.

  6. I’d try a two prong approach: talking to the manager at the dispensary, explain your situation and ask for their help in contacting them as well as writing their customer service department. Often time customer service teams will have a different management from the sales staff. Hope this help.

  7. The 4473 (the paperwork that comes with purchasing a gun) doesn’t specify if you have a card or not. It asks if you use marijuana. Answering yes to this question bars the sale because of the fed prohibition on cannabis. Lying on federal documents is considered perjury and a felony.

  8. It pertains to current use. And no, you can’t just drop use for 6 months, get a gun, then go back to cannabis legally speaking. The federal gun control act made it illegal for us to possess an illicit controlled substance & firearms. So in the eyes of a judge, there’s a legal precedent that it’s “one or the other”

  9. I emailed Buckeye Relief and they said the law refers to tshirts and other wearable items when I mentioned I wear a size medium.

  10. This article is crap but the beer is actually pretty good. It’s got a lot more in common with wine than your typical sour

  11. Fuck this sounds like it's going to be me. Been smoking daily for like 10 years now and still use original pieces. I'm very careful and never break pieces so I have like all my original and why buy more when I have some already? I just periodically clean it with rubbing alcohol and salt and it's brand new again like I bought it 10 years ago

  12. I’ve been using the same bong for a decade. You avoid this status by cleaning it weekly :D

  13. Seriously f*cking how? All Marion’s half’s are $160/$180

  14. I just got lucky man. It was initially $18 a jar but they had them marked down an additional $10 trying to clear them from the vault

  15. Wow? Less than $10 a jar? How did you do that?

  16. Pure luck. It was marked down to $18 and had an additional $10 off to clear it from their vaults. I only preordered 5 thinking it might be an error but nope lol. I tried to add more but by then it had all been presold.

  17. Excited for more dispensaries but this program really needs more cultivators to drive the prices down

  18. Ovnr is about two miles down. I normally go there. Give them a try as well! Great staff there always!

  19. 571 Grill and Draft house. It’s about 20 min north of Dayton along route 4. Best burgers and a killer beer selection

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