UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons

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  1. mean while the zelot that was trying to get the buying time penance.....

  2. I got it in that bridge you have to defend while the elevator comes to you

  3. Careful, they're run by government employees.

  4. "The agreements signed by Russia aren't worth the price of the sheet of paper they are written on" - Otto von Bismarck

  5. The actual quote is more in the spirit of "Make fair deals with Russia or none at all, they will come back to haunt you otherwise"

  6. Given her history, it is warranted that she considers virtually all men unworthy.

  7. Wasn't Athena the one that screwed her over because she got laid in her temple (or, depending on the version, raped)?

  8. We already had these and they were called the ummayyid and abbasid caliphate

  9. Can you imagine the practically world war levels of strife this would cause? Not even talking about external threats, I just mean the people within this new "country" killing each other.

  10. Me cago en dios. A partir de ya, queda prohibido elegir presidente en función de lo cool que sea su sombrero.

  11. The spanish kings do not wear crowns since the 14th century.

  12. Not that much, maybe ia has improved in some extent, but overall it's still not that good

  13. I still remember the "revolution" the game went through when the AI started using the standard 7-2 template

  14. Lol where have you been?? He was just ordered to pay half a billion dollars to their families

  15. It would have been cheaper had he been the one to murder them, wtf

  16. What is with video games/table top games and their bias against playing evil. I’m only half sarcastic here because I actually do like playing evil. The game Tyranny wasn’t too long ago but in this extreme hippie no offense era I doubt we’ll get a sequel. You can’t virtue signal when you’re evil and virtue signaling is all the rage now…

  17. Yeah, I just saw the commander quit BEFORE Castillo announced this, so I don't know what he was thinking.

  18. Why are the children's portrait backgrounds blue? is that a mod?

  19. Rheinland was DMZ under French authority post WWI. It was one of Hitler's first target, and the French, who then had an army x10 the Nazis, did nothing.

  20. How is CK2 better as a medieval dynastic sim than CK3?

  21. Also, Illyrio probably has Blackfyre on standby for (f)Aegon which trumps the eggs in every possible way

  22. Nope it doesn't, I started out as an Absolute Monarchy when I released Israel but even when I used console commands to liberalize the monarchy I had 0 immigrants. Also, I have less than 100 Jews on Hokkaido, all of whom are Ainu for some reason.

  23. Maybe it is just pure conversion to your state religion?

  24. Funnily enough it seems the creators of the Rings Of Power tried to copy this scene in theirs in an effort to emulate Kate Blanchett (who played Galadriel in the LotR trilogy),

  25. She was mad that they all had come up a super cool secret handshake and didn't tell her.

  26. Damn Paradox outright genocoded the Leonese, Asturians and the Catalans in Valencia

  27. Astur-leonese were missing from Vic2 and the catalans are still in Valencia, but Paradox decided that only the largest culture in a state gets represented in the culture mapmode

  28. Catalan was the largest culture in Valencia in the 1830s tho

  29. Tony Gilroy set out to tell a story about resistance to absolute rule and used the Star Wars landscape to tell that tale.

  30. I pity the people that skip BoBF and go from Mando S2 to Mando S3

  31. So what episodes of BoBF would properly set up Mando S3 with the least amount of exposure to the rest of that series? Is there fan edit somewhere? A viewing guide?

  32. Episodes 5 & 6 are basically Mando season 2.5 (Bobba Fett doesn't appear in them except for a cameo)

  33. I definitely want some time jumps. This war has been thousands of years in the making, it shouldn’t be over in a single battle.

  34. Nice invasion you have there, would be a shame if your head vampire got stabbed by a random passerby

  35. If the right purged it's corruption, there would be no right wing.

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