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  1. Wait till you hit 40. You’ll get what he’s saying

  2. The whole region is a tourist trap tho

  3. The shotgun helped in this scenario to be sure. Didn’t seem to make much of a difference in Uvalde

  4. You'll have to forgive me I try to avoid the news so I'm not totally filled in with the details....but was that another case of cops fucking up a response?

  5. Stick with the Hertz, Avis, Enterprise size companies and you will have less of an issue. The smaller car rentals always seem to have trouble

  6. Naw, I am going to say it’s south bound on 101 just south of San Francisco

  7. Peoples opinion on Marco is my litmus test for this sub

  8. It’s primary been championed by Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, it was never intended to be used in Spanish but to be used in English.

  9. That’s a pretty small subset of the worlds Latino population, don’t you think?

  10. Rambo 2 jumped on the bandwagon of “POWs are still in Vietnam” movies that were popular in the 80s. My favorite was Uncommon Valor, but there were a bunch of them that came before Rambo 2.

  11. Uncommon Valor is great, thanks for reminding me of it

  12. That’s a prototype? So, why are you promoting a prototype? You think folks should have this?

  13. And yet we are all still getting COVID.

  14. Not being negative but legit wonder if Marco can hit 90. Past couple outings seems 88 is the top on the 4-seam.

  15. If he can spot pitches like he is, he doesn’t need to hit 90. Ala Greg Maddox

  16. Moyer could hit 92, but he was my first M

  17. And yet you got black folks getting life sentences for minor offenses

  18. Are they getting life sentences for misdemeanors? That would be a travesty of justice

  19. A lot of places have it so that if you are out of probation for even minor ‘crimes’ like marijuana posession, even a misdemeanor could see you sitting in jail for years.

  20. Well of course! How else are we going to get slaves?

  21. Well we were discussing the US service so yeah it’s fair to keep the references in this part of the world. I’m not advocating for or against what other countries choose to do.

  22. A d the USPS set the industry/world standard and now you want to go to the rest of worlds standards. As you numbnuts defund it and then wonder why it sucks. Fucking morons man. 5 years from now you’re going to be In the same shithole you love calling the rest of the world.

  23. They set a great standard, that’s fine. So did the Pony Express and telegrams in their eta. You want to get upset that they’re all being outmoded, go for it.

  24. Hahahaha your kids aren’t worth shit. “Pay me bitch!”

  25. Sorry, best I can do is $2.50 until my expert can get here

  26. There are a lot of “scratch golfers”.

  27. Naw, but I’ll check them out if they’re as legit as you say.

  28. You’re fat and he spots an easy target. 3 weeks from now you’ll be on relationship advice wondering what to do. Here’s what you should do, lose fucking weight fatty

  29. I’m a gun owner, I think pitbulls should be harder to get if you live in a city. The big difference for me is that my guns won’t snap and go shooting people on their own. I like pitbulls, never known one I didn’t like but too many people don’t understand that dogs can be dangerous.

  30. No, but you could snap and decide to shoot people. That’s how it works. I doubt very few people buy a gun and think “hey you know, I am going to fucking snap and shoot a bunch of people”. Yet here we are.

  31. That is a possibility but I’d leave that choice to a person over an animal every time.

  32. And that’s why we are in the mess we are today.

  33. Well he isn’t going to get paralyzed from the jump

  34. Truth hurts, doesn’t it. Little snowflake

  35. Not to mention that a child was able to scale a replica of Trump's "unclimbable wall" in seconds:

  36. While I agree that the wall was stupid, what the girl climbed in the video is just a free standing piece, at the top she could get to the sides, there would be no sides with a full wall

  37. Who the fuck buys watches, let alone 40k ones. You could have 40 iphones to tell the fucking time for that much

  38. How else are you going to put a target on your wrist?

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