1. Took down a dead standing crabapple tree and thought I'd see if anyone wants them before they become firewood

  2. I'd turn them into delicious BBQ. Crabapple is super greasy and is tasty when smoking pork products.

  3. Is it just me or has the road rage gotten really badly around town lately, specifically the entire stretch of 17th? I feel like the amount of people who drive super aggressively has noticeably gone up in the the past half a year or so. 9/10 the people who are on the receiving end of the road rage aren’t doing anything wrong either, just some entitled bastard who feels like running people off the road so he/she can go thirty miles over the speed limit

  4. Cut and pasted from what I posted about this (and another roadway issue) last week and was thumbed down a few times for.

  5. It's a legal requirement to have a notice that they tip share, it's illegal for tips to become "property of the owners". I hope it's more of a messaging issue and that the employees are receiving all the tips and management isn't taking any.

  6. It is a weird town. We have been here tens years and some days I am stoked and other days I am like what I am doing. My biggest complaint are probably the massive pickups zooming and rolling coal, and all the fart cars… shitboxes with loud exhausts… it is one thing to have it and another to fly down sunset street farting.

  7. It used to be bike friendly, but seems to be getting worse by the day. The blown stop signs comment is accurate and I rarely see motor vehicles stop at stop signs, unless there is opposing motor vehicle traffic and that often doesn't even make them stop. The factors I see dictating this are the lack of enforcement and new residents from places where they have traditionally gotten away with driving selfishly. The lack of enforcement appears to have been largely created by not having a public safety chief for an inordinate amount of time. Interim chiefs normally lack the intestinal fortitude or backing to make any real changes and the hard paradigm shift during the pandemic certainly helped create the perfect storm to truly turn Longmont into a place that is much less safe to operate a bicycle.

  8. Gyms are funny to me. We live in Colorado, arguably the best outdoor gym in the country.

  9. Your assumptions are funny. I don’t drive. I ride my bike almost everywhere. I currently use my body weight but at this point I want to lift heavy & possibly meet like minded individuals in classes.

  10. If anyone happens to see a Trek bike that looks like this with them, please let me know. It was stolen in Firestone last week and spotted with homeless people after.

  11. Bicycle thievery in this area is out of control and law enforcement does not seem to care about it. Some of it appears to be very organized, though randoms are just as rampant. The thieves know that the repercussions are almost nil, with the judicial system being a joke and law enforcement knowing that the revolving door will just keep spitting them out. The saddest part of all of this appears in the newsletter that accompanies our Longmont utility bill every month, telling us all how we should be riding bicycles instead of driving. I'm left wondering how many people who would be riding their bikes if they had not been stolen, or are put off on riding a bicycle downtown when within a few minutes of locking it up somewhere, a drug-addled creeper with bolt cutters in their backpack is buzzing around it like a fly to fresh excrement.

  12. Longmont: Meth and loud cars—it’s our “culture”

  13. I will 2nd this recommendations and also their other food and they have the best awesome French fries I’ve ever had for whatever reason.

  14. Palmeras Taqueria breakfast burritos are the jam. If their hot is not hot enough for you, they have off the menu extra hot.

  15. some people just don’t know how to do a mea culpa and get on with their lives, they have to explain to you how their inconsideration for you was your fault and how you’re really killing their buzz by not being apologetic to them about it.

  16. Victicrats, always making themselves the victim when called out for being inconsiderate towards others.

  17. When I realize the Costco is going to be easily biking distance to me -- :)

  18. Use a U-Lock to secure your bike. The bicycle thievery and apathy by local public safety about it has become horrendous.

  19. Just moved here two weeks ago and cycling is a fucking joke. Nails everywhere. Two flats from nails in 1 week.

  20. There is no good BBQ in Longmont. Wayne's Smoke Shack in Superior is the only close option that is consistently great. The rest can be all over the board, as if their Pitmasters are 200 monkeys on 200 typewriters typing a Hemmingway novel over 200 years.

  21. Best chicken: Las Cazuelas. Probably one of the best damn deals too. The meal comes with rice, beans, tortillas, salsas and a 2 liter drink. Perfect for those days you don’t feel like cooking for the family or if you want lunch for a few days.

  22. I don't even like chicken and agree that Las Cazuelas has great chicken. The smell drew me in one day and I'll hit them up for a #4 every couple of weeks or so.

  23. Preach. I don’t even want a valmont style thing (wouldn’t say no though), I just want a pump track and if I’m being greedy a few jumps and maaaaaaybe a few drops if I could ask for the moon. I am totally with the original commenter on attending meetings to bring this before the city, let’s make it happen!

  24. I just met with a local business owner today and we had a productive discussion about getting a Velosolutions pump track built in Longmont through a grassroots effort. Being that Broomfield, Superior, Boulder and Erie all have their own versions of Velosolutions tracks, Longmont is obviously lagging. This is even more evident in that little 'ol Berthoud has one planned along with a full blown bike park adjacent to it. Stay Tuned and let We The People do something about true bicycle culture here in Longmont, where The People rule the day instead of a few overinflated egos.

  25. Good stuff! Let me know when there will be meetings or whatever the next steps are, happy to volunteer my time and voice on the matter.

  26. This is an all-inclusive effort and everyone interested in providing support will be kept in the loop. It's been a little slow to start from inception, but the proverbial ball is now rolling.

  27. I got a $10 fine for parking facing the wrong way.

  28. You had to drive left of center to park facing the wrong way and are at least $5 ahead for not getting cited for that because it's a Class A Traffic Infraction that carries a fine from $15-$100.

  29. I'm with ya on everything but Georgia Boys. That place just ain't it. There isn't anything to replace it though, unfortunately.

  30. Wayne's (Louisville) is great. Still out of commission from the Marshall Fire, but they are working on coming back.

  31. Had no idea about the Berthoud project, thanks for linking that. Where does one advocate to bring a pump track to town?

  32. A Grassroots effort by some local Riders who have been around mountain biking for many years is taking shape. One great thing about the effort in its infancy is that this is not about anyone's ego, it's about geting sometjing done for all Riders and the community as a whole. As soon as the route to success for all is clear, the call from like-minded community members will go out.

  33. Any updates here? Was talking to a buddy and he’s on board/may know others that would pile on. Let’s get a pump track!

  34. It’s cool that they’re finally doing something with that area, but why do I get the feeling that whatever goes there will be bougie af?

  35. Because a common tendency here is that the plan will be money and ego driven in lieu of what's best for the community as a whole. The money payoff shall go to the egotist(s) who wish for it to be about them, no matter how ridiculous the suggestions of the money behind it are. This always equals "bougie af".

  36. I’m not sure if it’s related, but the pond at Loomiller is literally overflowing

  37. Longmont has invested next-to-nothing into the mtb community, and they do not seem interested in my opinions. We are one of the only cities nearby without trails or a bike park, and there is a large community of cyclists in town.

  38. In case you have not seen it, please go take a look. A clue to your prediction becoming a reality would be Google Reviews and the MTB Project entry on the subject.

  39. I’ve seen that ridiculous “bike park”, and I’m not sure who they thought would use it. I just proposed a pump track on the city’s site, which was seeking feedback on further development in the STEAM area. Bikers unite!

  40. With a paved Velosolutions pump track, we will have allies from the skateboarding community as well. I have been frequenting the Velosolutions pump tracks in nearby municipalities who are forward-thinking enough to already have one and often run into Longmont residents at them, cyclists and skateboarders alike. Those who are doers want this to happen.

  41. If you’re paying attention, 90% of the time you can time your arrival by slowing down such that you don’t need to stop.

  42. Paying Attention is becoming less common by the day. There are those who prosper because of this idiocratic phenomenon and there are many who suffer in the wake of those who don't care for anything beyond themselves and the little screen in front of their face.

  43. https://www.bicycleretailer.com/announcements/2022/04/13/colorado-safety-stop-signed-law-gov-jared-polis#.Yl6w5_rMLIU

  44. On the one hand it’s progress of a sort and I’ll take what I can get. On the other- a train line that serves a whole region with six trips a day is fucking useless. I don’t want all this so google bros can commute to their 9am start time jobs. I want this so I can USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Pop down to Denver for a show. Meet up with friends in Boulder for some drinks. And hell, commute to work too!

  45. The amount of money that Denver is losing by not having rails service in the NW corridor must be astounding. Most people I know up here would spend a lot more of their hard-earned dollars visiting Denver if they didn't have to drive down there.

  46. Oh absolutely! I'd be down there a lot more often if I didn't have to navigate I-25 every time. I too have taken the north line in once and it went quite well all in all. It just meant that I had to drive 35 minutes to the train station so I could be on the train for 35 minutes. Now if I could drive five minutes or even *gasp* ride a bike down to a Longmont station and just cruise on around the area...

  47. Ride a bike to downtown Longmont, bring it on the train and ride your bike in Denver. The parking monopoloy may not like it, but the service industry loves it.

  48. Some people don't have much power in their own personal lives, so they have to find power elsewhere. It's an age-old paradigm.

  49. At first read I got so excited for a massive gathering of lead guitar players. Oh well.

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