1. That is one of the armors perks. After a perfect dodge u go beyblade.

  2. I wished it was like that actually, plenty of good story opportunities... but it isn't like that, but I'd recommend using the Underwear suit for all of it, lol.

  3. There's a mission where spider-man goes to a Halloween party and the guests comment on certain suits (but not all of them).

  4. I'm gonna have to agree. My first favourite game is No Man's Sky, it's not better than ghost of Tsushima, but it is my favourite of the two. And after No Man's Sky, I would say Ghost of Tsushima, and then God of War (2018), followed by Red Dead Redemption 2.

  5. Ghost of Tsushima is so incredible. My top six games are: the ezio collection (nothing tops them, they are perfect) then the ghost of Tsushima, after that Spiderman and god of war 4

  6. F=4bodyweight when running (in this case his weight is 69kgs, nice),let the force be constant r=560000m W=∫Fdr=Fr=276560000=154560000 J Divide that by 4.2 and we get 36800000 calories

  7. This is in calories and not Calories right? So Calories = 1000 calories or 1 kcal. Calories with a capital C is what we see on packaging in the US. So if a pound of body fat has roughly 3600 Calories of energy, then the calculation for those that aren’t chemists is 36,800,000 / 1000 to covert to Calories. Then divide by ~3600 to get 10 lbs of body fat.

  8. I'm a bigger dumbass I just wanted to feel better about it :(

  9. You are the same guy i found in another thread some minutes ago that you became best friends with a guy,such a small world

  10. We are actually at the bar together right now

  11. "Eat one gram", so you'd gain one gram of weight. Calories don't equate to weight gain per se; we use that as a proxy for how much we're eating given all food has vaguely (relative to uranium) similar energy density.

  12. The average person needs 2500 calories a day to survive. The calories are enough for 8 million people,but the are a lot more who starve. Unless you drop a bomb on them. That solves the problem

  13. Ghost of Tsushima 2 ninja brotherhood. Jin forming a brotherhood of ninjas much like ezio in his second game. I hope

  14. Man, me too. It's the best combat mechanic in the whole gaming industry. Brotherhood has the best gameplay of all time

  15. He literally says: do you guys have prescription for this stuff? Weed is used from medical purposes and that's where he was inspired to make the joke. So he doesn't support stoners. In fact he beats them up

  16. Nahh that’s just him being snarky. Plus you can always see white bricks in the duffel bags

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