1. He’s the only actor I never liked in the role. Just wasn’t convincing to me. It was as though he was someone acting how they thought Bond should be rather than actually being him.

  2. I never would have taken you for liking Daniel Craig ngl and especially not over Brosnan.

  3. I get it—I’ve soured on Craig quite a bit since NTTD, but there are still aspects of his portrayal I like (the ruthlessness that accords with the literary character). And on paper Brosnan makes more sense since he’s more emblematic of the classic, cinematic version. It’s just something felt flat with him for me. It’s like he was a Bond built by checking superficial things off a list. Again, he makes sense on paper, but it came across as maybe a bit vapid to me.

  4. I think Brosnan would’ve done a better job with Craig’s scripts than vice versa.

  5. I think after a recent rewatch of both LTK and CR, I would rate them as follows:

  6. One that makes DAF much higher than OHMSS is Tiffany Case and her relationship with Bond, it's more convincing than Bond and Tracy's, despite of the plot and the villain, there's at least Tiffany Case and the romance that lights the novel up a bit for me. And also there's Felix Leiter and his relationship with Bond in this book is also another highlight.

  7. It’s been a while since I’ve read them, but in hindsight OHMSS was my favorite. It feels epic to me, and made me appreciate and eventually love the film. It felt like the point where Bond starts to truly “care” about what’s going on around him; it also felt like he’d entered a larger world from a storytelling point of view. The strange plot worked for me in that sense. It was sort of a larger than life surreal-ness where he begins to have a destiny or real purpose beyond duty. But that’s just my subjective recollection. I’m due for a reread but am holding off until I’m ready to write my Cold War spy thriller homage.

  8. The Bond films were on ITV traditionally, and certainly not shown or available non-stop!

  9. Early 2000s Thanksgiving and Christmas 24 hour Bondathons on Spike TV here in the States was what got me into the series. You could just flip it in and watch a bit whenever you wanted, it was great

  10. Nah Craig in CR is irreplaceable and Fassbender's movie debut was in 2007.

  11. If we’re talking alternate universes, Fassbender’s year of debut is irrelevant. I understand not wanting to replace Craig in CR, but I think having a different actor in the role at that point may have resulted in a better run overall. I say “may” since some of it was outside Craig’s control. But I’d bet Bond wouldn’t have perished in the last film of whatever actor could have conceivably taken over when Craig did, since it was Craig himself who pushed for Bond’s death. I also think Fassbender is a better actor and would’ve resulted in a more well rounded Bond.

  12. Besides Lazenby I'm glad every Bond got to play the role but your opinion is fair enough.

  13. Hello everyone! To throw out another question for discussion:

  14. I generally like to do one paragraph per chapter that more or less gives the gist of what should happen in that scene. I don’t go into a lot of detail because I like to leave some room for organic development.

  15. I don’t think the Moore era is actual parody, but it can feel like it leans in that direction sometimes. Can it be tongue in cheek without being parody? If so, then the Moore era is often tongue in cheek. But it gets vilified for camp and cheese when those moments are not representative of the whole product. Those moments are there, but so are others. MR and TSWLM are great examples of how well rounded Moore’s movies can be. They’re not unlike the original Star Wars trilogy where you get drama, humor, action, and a bit of romance. They’re just fun. They can be serious without taking themselves too seriously. After the Craig era, I’m really hoping the Moore era gets a renaissance. There’s a lot to love there.

  16. But you're neglecting to mention that a film can draw on multiple myths. Die Another Day had "Project Icarus", with the grandiosity of Graves and his personal "sun" reflecting Icarus in the myth, guess that means they think they're better than Fleming lol.

  17. Sure, but in DAD, the Icarus story didn’t supplant Bond’s archetype. In NTTD it felt like a brazen attempt to subvert that. Which, if the classic Bond archetype isn’t interesting to you and you like to see things shaken up, then fine.

  18. But how else would they have ended it? Bond walking off into the sunset, that's how the myth ends if you wanna compare it to that, but even from Fleming it's pretty well established that his relationships never last long. Meaning we'd have to wait for him to get another woman and it would've likely been abruptly ended in the middle of the cycle like they did with Brosnan. It's a bit weird to say that comparing it to other examples of the hero's journey is "too general" but that Fleming's remarks about St. George are an unchangeable reality (since that's very general and reality often doesn't end up in neat story arcs). If Fleming truly considered it that important I don't think he would've had Rosa Klebb anti-climactically stabbing Bond with her shoe almost end the series for good.

  19. I don’t think there was a good ending for NTTD based on the way it was set up. Pick your poison.

  20. It’s an experience for sure, and while it’s one of my favorites, I get why others aren’t so fond of it. There’s a trippy aspect to it in places, and as you note there are some shifts in tone. But I don’t think tone shifting is a foreign thing in the franchise, not even by then. I really think had Lazenby not been dubbed, the whole Piz Gloria sequence would seem less campy, but it goes on for so long that it might make the film seem imbalanced.

  21. I’m always surprised when I see rankings that have Spectre and NTTD so far apart.

  22. NTTD actually had heart and was more energetic for the most part. Also had a better written bond girl, theme song, finale, set piece and villain (tho both safin and blofeld were underwhelming)

  23. To me they share the same narrative core, and so they both stand or fall on that in my eyes. It’s hard if not impossible for me to view them in isolation.

  24. Ronin is an incredible film, and one that I haven’t seen in a while but need to rewatch soon. I agree Stellan would be great in a Bond movie.

  25. I think it's been out of the cable rotation long enough that at this point it's actually underrated.

  26. It has two of the best car chases I’ve seen. And I love that the film is somewhat vague; it doesn’t spell everything out to you.

  27. I will never understand why OHMSS is so loved. For me it's mediocre to bad and the pacing is UNGODLY slow. One of the most boring/overrated films in the series in my opinion.

  28. Have you read the book by chance? It took me reading the book to fully appreciate the film.

  29. I must be the only one who thought the novel was poorly written and not particularly interesting.

  30. I don’t recall it being poorly written, but it’s closer to middle of the pack for me. I’ve never understood why people think it’s the best.

  31. GF. It’s more iconic, way more stylish, and has the superior Bond actor. Auric is a more interesting villain than Trevelyan, and I think GF has a better plot despite its pacing issues in Kentucky.

  32. Honestly, I think the entire (recurring) cast was wasted. I didn’t really enjoy any of their appearances here whereas I did in prior films. Malek was underutilized believe.

  33. I have trouble as well. Appreciate his love of the character and franchise, but he never sold me on being Bond, only someone pretending to be him.

  34. I’m not a Brosnan guy, but plan to revisit his first three in the near future. But in hindsight I seemed to have liked GE best. I’m wondering if that will shift to TND post rewatch.

  35. I like the idea of Whittaker more than the final portrayal from Joe Don Baker, who came back and knocked it out of the park as Jack Wade. Note sure if it’s the underdeveloped writing of his character or that Baker wasn’t the right fit (he certainly looked the part), but it’s the weakest part of TLD for me.

  36. I think Baker played the role well enough, and as you noted, the idea of Whitaker was a good one. I just think he was poorly conceived by the script. A military drop-out/wannabe who is now an arms dealer with a Napoleon complex is solid material, but the way they tried to sell that was underwhelming. The wax figures, him re-enacting battles with figurines, etc. It came off as teenage edge-lord, and so it was hard to see him as a true threat.

  37. Perfect example of something I don’t need but would love to have.

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