1. It’s just depressing that every form of Muslim representation is a rejection or faith and/or culture. When will we get representation that’s positive for a change?

  2. It never works out because I’m accused of being an idiot in one way or another or they be extra loud and annoying so I can’t fall asleep and it’s a waste of time.

  3. What is that? Never heard of it.

  4. It's a 4-legged creature with a disproportionally big head, big round eyes and a blank expression (:|). Personally I don't really care for it either way. I don't think it's a good representation of ASD (besides the lack of facial expression, I guess), but I don't dislike it either.

  5. The image I’m getting is something akin to that momo thing that was going around. People actually think something like that representing ASC is a good thing? Eh I guess people are even more stupid than I gave them credit for…

  6. Assuming you like Shakespeare’s works then?

  7. Yeah pretty much. The imposter syndrome irl and online is shit.

  8. Adding to this: Niqab isn’t, that’s a choice.

  9. Yes. Happens a lot. There’s this one guy at work that I think is, just too scared to ask. Generally speaking, I’m usually right. Similarly to being able to tell is someone is straight or not. Super powers on the human level 😂

  10. A tie dye (idk spelling) item(s) of clothing to resemble splatters or something? Idk, I’d find that cool 😅

  11. Hahaha you triggered him, good one!

  12. Hi, me! I think culture is the massive hindrance rather than Islam tbh.

  13. I think people are making it into a bigger thing than it is. It wasn’t that bad in all honesty but has become a “trend” so to speak to hate so forcefully on the little things for views, likes and attention.

  14. I’ve got an iPod so I still “enjoy” these.

  15. It’s one of those dumb trends because people are mindless sheep.

  16. I do that and I was recently diagnosed but there’s more to the diagnosis than just that, including mannerisms while being assessed, developmental history, etc.

  17. I’ve also started writing letters and numbers in the air as well… that one’s new though.

  18. People being angry with MOM are weird. It’s a very good film, so horrific yet so brilliant. Everything was good, Wanda was next level.

  19. oh apart from that actually, i thought the second person the camera pans to in the mirror was jake. along with the first voice that spoke to steven. thanks for the response though!

  20. The one in the mirror behind him?

  21. oh nope. the guy from the right side of the mirror i mean. i thought it could be jake from the way he spoke. but again, i might just be reaching a bit too far

  22. Yeah I think that’s reaching a bit too far tbh

  23. With Steven’s increase in confidence and partnership with Marc, this could still happen.

  24. How was the testing process? I find it really hard to answer screening questions because they lack context and I’m never sure what they’re asking. I think I’m autistic but I’m worried I might somehow mess up the screening process for some reason? We’re there any setbacks for you? How was the experience overall?

  25. This is my personal experience in the UK:

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