1. I'm uneducated in slang. What's a Bender?

  2. Hopefully they rerelease the Santa hat effect this year, then this can truly be complete.

  3. I really can't care, all I know my tracking thing said a shit ton of lights then said heavy every like idk 5 lights or something

  4. Yeah if he hard feints an attack the next attack will have hyper armor, so heavy feint light is berserker's bread and butter.

  5. Traditionally the unwritten rule is to salute/bow at the beginning of the duel (don't have to every round, but you can if you want). If the opponent doesn't do it in return, it doesn't bug me.

  6. Don't know if there's an exact date yet (usually Thursdays), but I'd assume soon since we're currently in off-season.

  7. Not gone necessarily, just released for one hero at a time at a much slower pace

  8. Lol at least he timed out, can't tell you how many times I've come across a player with 300+ ping and they still don't get dropped.

  9. OP replied above everyone was playing it as duels and after saying he "didn't gank" he then said "the only thing I did in the first round was hit the aramusha twice when he was about to kill cent so cent could live" lmfao. It makes sense why they did what they did. Teammate should've just joined 2v2 but still, you can't just hit people 2 on 1 and expect not to get 2v1d back.

  10. Ahh yes, if that happens, it's all cards on the table. A shame the cent didn't join the real brawls, but, as most of us know, brawls are toxic wasteland where anything can happen and the points don't matter (Whose Line pun intended).

  11. Since we don't know what happened round 1, there's a couple things it could be:

  12. The point is not that zerk is better, the point of this video was to show how TG failed with its blanket changes by making zhanhu's dodge attack 200ms faster, which was definitely an unintended result.

  13. the dodge attack itself is not faster, it is still a 400ms attack. The delay before it comes out is faster. Now it is more standard instead of being on a fixed timing.

  14. I mean, I don't know what you mean, because the Dodge attack is DEFINITELY faster than live, because zhanhu's dodge attack animation came out after 400ms, now it can come out after 200ms, so it is 200ms faster, and therefore one of the fastest attacks in the game now, with the option to change the direction it comes from.

  15. I await the day for warlord to spin around and do a front flip for an instakill.

  16. I have a lot of fun with Warlord, pretty simple kit but with a lot of head but follow ups and great defense it feels like you’re whittling your opponent down piece by piece like a seasoned warrior. Great emotes and some fun executions too

  17. As long as you love ominous moaning, too many heads, and leg sweeps, Hito will always be there for you!

  18. Use the dick nose head with the new dick nose ornament for the triple dick nose supreme.

  19. And see i can appreciate this, this was professional and the most mature someone has responded in regards to this, so thank you for your opinion and insight, and to your point, yes, totally understand where that's coming from.

  20. Why would you always want to visit a place where people were tortured and killed?

  21. Lol so does that make everyone that visits Germany a Nazi? By that logic it does.

  22. Yeah so what that means is gladiators already mediocre side dodge bash which is only good for stalling and confirms no damage outside of five in dominon is made worse for no reason. Shugokis bash that is 10 damage can now be punish for 24 plus. Conqs bash which requires a read for a gb but could still be punished either way is now at least 24 damage. Lawbringer with the slowest side dodge bash and only was considered okay becuase of the fast recovery ( unhealthy yes but this change makes it even more unhealthy in a worse way ) is now going to be punished for at least 24. This makes dodge bashes so risky on some heroes there is no reason to use them in 1v1 which this change affects more. With the bashes too it’s the same problem as I explained with the dodge attacks in the comment I replied to you a few minutes ago

  23. Can’t gladiator and goki chain to a heavy with no gb vuln after a missed bash or am I mistaken here?

  24. In the current testing grounds, if the side bash misses, you can now be GB'd.

  25. They talk about it in the most recent warrior's den. Someone posted it in a thread earlier.

  26. He just said that he knows about feint > parry dodge attack and does it a lot, but that it's tedious and doesn't net much damage. It's a valid complaint - many heroes have some kind of special punish that lets them hit dodge attackers hard, but Warden doesn't. No side crushing counters, no special parry punish, no armor (except on level 3 bash), nothing. I've fought many dodge attack spamming hitos/kenseis as Warden and it gets REALLY boring doing parry > light over and over, wheras with BP I can crushing counter or flip.

  27. I mean yes that's valid, and many heroes are cursed in such a way unfortunately.

  28. Your next goal is 420 rep overall and 69 with a character. I look forward to this day. You then will be king of the cool guy zone.

  29. Stuff that happened a while ago. He used to post plenty of clips of him bullying bad players with kensei and cent, using wrong punishes because they were "optimal for his playstyle" (stuff like knocking someone down with cent, only to kick> light for "stam pause"). Plenty of trashtalk too and he never answered when people asked for 1v1s to prove him wrong

  30. He seems to have gotten better and more tolerable, and nowadays does post some decent content (props to him for getting more professional about it), but yes, 9 months ago he did indeed post the videos you speak of.

  31. Your breach and dominion points and thoughts I can get behind. Most "unofficial" comp Dom matches are single pick according to their rules anyway.

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