1. OK so I finally read Marie Calloway's writing (she's the reason why Caroline's bio has that outdated "No, not that one. The other writer." bit) and I'm struck by how refreshing Marie's approach to memoir is. It's genuinely daring. 'Cat Person' completely pales in comparison to 'Adrien Brody', and that was published YEARS later.

  2. I actually just bought her book! it's high on my TBR pile, but might take me a while to get there. I've been curious about it for a long time. Happy to see a positive review

  3. Mine hasn’t even been shipped yet. I quit today and got a refund for my 2023 boxes my Husband already paid for. I’m so frustrated at the way things are done with shipping. And asking people to pay an extra $15 just to get their boxes first is ridiculous

  4. Yep. That’s me. My box was set to renew last spring but I locked in right before. I still have 1 more box left at the old price.

  5. Might be helpful to teach a module on critical thinking and logical fallacies. The sunk cost fallacy is one that can trap gamblers and MLM participants.

  6. ooh interesting idea! Could be incorporated into a lesson on persuasive writing

  7. Thank you. Not enough in there interests me so I won’t be getting one.

  8. Same here! Was excited about the concept but theres nothing in there I’m excited about

  9. I think his book is interesting and has been successful more because of his unusual life experiences than because of his technical skill as a writer, so maybe this prose seems fine to him 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. I like parts of it, the war parts and ptsd and bank robbery were a bit of a different perspective/voice. Other parts of it (the love story mostly) were a bit cliche though and overly dramatic

  11. Supposedly, if you know what you’re doing, it’s not a super hard climb in terms of terrain, it’s the altitude that causes problems because your body starts to literally shut down.

  12. I’m so sorry for your experience! I was (temporarily) disabled due to an injury for a few years and I had several of these kinds of experiences. Your description of seeing the ugly parts behind the curtain is so apt.

  13. oh man… just the thought of that… you’re pouring honey on my dead heart

  14. Well I bet there’s a washing machine she could paint in the condeux

  15. The shot next to the laundry machine really does look like ol girl

  16. The unbrushed hair with haphazard barrettes is really selling it to me

  17. Yes, this will be your uncustomised add on box. The 2203 means it’s the third box of 2022. the 10000 at the end is n/a. The other numbers correspond to the category picks - if you read through this thread you’ll be able to work out what you're getting. Your category 6 choice seems to be the daily concepts hammam & spongelle bundle (4).

  18. Yeah, not bad, I’ll use everything. Happy to avoid Serumgate!

  19. I know it’s an old post but this came up when I was googling basically the same question. Did you end up figuring out any good ideas?

  20. On weekend nights The Raven is surprisingly busy, but I've never been able to initiate conversations at bars. There are some hobby groups that are better for conversation, like board game night, sports leagues, dance lessons, Toastmasters, etc.. So far, everyone I've met my age at those has been in a relationship, but statistically I should eventually find someone single if I keep at it.

  21. Thanks! Yeah I’m also finding few single people here. If it’s not weird, message me if you want to chat!

  22. Do you really have to rush? Lol I’ve never ran out even if I get late into the day of their release or even the day after

  23. Some sizes in the green hoodie were sold out on launch day

  24. If the stickers cost money or are “limited edition for influencers”, I’m rioting.

  25. That one post from last year really got me excited and now it’s nothing 😭😭😭

  26. The score of this movie sounds like it came from Look Around You. Except worse.

  27. I got the necklace in the edit sale and I really like it!

  28. First annual box but I'm in Canada. Mine hasn't shipped yet, does anyone know if they take awhile to ship international (I know it will take longer to get to me once its shipped)

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