Made some more Lego sets

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  1. Frank: The Golden Years - Frank as a really old man that Dennis and Dee stuck in one of those "bang 'em and bin 'em joints" and it's just Frank being Frank but set in a nursing home...Maybe his donkey brains start to come back as a rare form of dementia... some guest appearances by his ex "bang-maid", Bonny Kelly... he gets Bill Ponderosa a job and they scheme a drug ring...

  2. If you have ever had Honey Dew outside of the USA it actual does taste like honey and fresh morning dew

  3. I'm hoping this is a love story about two bros who roadtrip around the country in an RV

  4. The camera is set for a short shutter speed so that the sunlit Earth and Moon are exposed correctly.

  5. I'm seeing the same problem when I travel to RI too... and no place has a 91 option!

  6. I've had squirrels do that to my lawn and garden. They like to burry acorns and also dig them up but they don't always remember where they are ...

  7. Hahaha oh Dennis, your so smart and funny... !! Yes! Dee does look like a bird! Haha.... (everyone else hears him too right?)

  8. Dee's 'Bo Derek' braid from the Jersey shore that got ripped out by the rollercoaster

  9. How’s it handle rain? How’s it handle wind?

  10. Had no issues with either in some pretty extreme elements! Never had moisture or condensation inside the tent and it always felt sturdy.

  11. Did you have high winds? Wondering how noisy it was?

  12. A little bit of noise while driving above 65 mph with it closed but easy to forget... There were a couple of really windy storms in the desert we camped through but the tent held up great. The tent material is heavy and didn't make any noise when it was windy and never felt it rock or shake.

  13. Only available on the original dvds. Even if you purchase the episodes or seasons on Amazon they have those blocked.

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