1. Hmm, I searched it up and there's a 16th game coming. Well, let's look into this one. Thans. 🗿

  2. FF16 coming out will have zero impact on 14. Heck even FF11 is still playable which is also an MMO. FF16 isn't an MMO at all.

  3. How dare you remind me 1998 was long ago.

  4. For 99% of people it’s a party trick and nothing more. I can’t think of any time I’d rather touch my screen then just drag the cursor for half a second.

  5. I dunno, I was like this til my wife got one that had. It's pretty handy and I find myself tapping my own screen from time to time. Don't knock it til you try it I guess (and if you already have knock away idc)

  6. There aren't enough mustaches in baseball

  7. Scary? I’d disagree, but there are definitely worse lineups tbh, especially if Suzuki has a better year

  8. Yeah not sure about scary, but Mancini might find some better success in Wrigley and I still think Bellinger is gonna reregress. Swanson is pretty good too, so we'll see I guess.

  9. We’ll see. He didn’t feast on the Crawford boxes as much as I’d hoped he would and that’s a lot shallower than Wrigley, plus no wind

  10. Yeah it's true, but trade deadline performances are like that more often than not it seems.

  11. And what OP said is 100% true. Almost every single person that I've ever talked to that doesn't like baseball gives "it's boring" as the reason why. It's no secret that non-baseball fans feel this way so why is the guy getting downvoted for saying it?

  12. It's a shit hole because baseball fans harmlessly downvote an unpopular statement? it's a shit hole for lots of reasons, that ain't one of em

  13. I feel like you’re missing something here in such an inconsequential part of the conversation.

  14. You're absolutely right. They made a concession on AAV because he still has negotiating power, but obviously the shenanigans with the giants and the Mets hurt his bargaining position. The deal doesn't necessarily (it may but we have no way of knowing)reflect anything but that.

  15. Wouldn't you work harder if your boss didn't whine about paying you every payday?

  16. Working harder than 2nd place in CY voting? 😂

  17. Look I'm pro players getting paid, but arbitration is part of the game. He's making fuck you money either way, and this is what you sign up for when you get into pro sports.

  18. No, that’s not how it works, they’ve lived 50 years twice, not they lived to be 50 twice.

  19. Well yes obviously, but one of these things is a shower thought and the others is just math.

  20. No, i don't think agree. You don't have to tiptoe when talking about inane shit like hobbies.

  21. Not saying you do. We all rip into the like/dislikes of others. I was just recognising it for what it was.

  22. It's literally just an opinion. Saying apples are gross doesn't mean anyone who likes apples is an idiot.

  23. I thought the same thing when I saw this poll, made me think of your hat post. Your collection is superb! And yes people should be able to post their hats.

  24. The downvote system should be enough for this. If the sub really doesn't like hat collection posts, people will just downvote it and it isn't a thing. if it gets upvoted, they obviously do and it's not a problem. No need for extra rules. This goes for almost any subreddit IMO

  25. But also the best written and acted character in the whole franchise. Star Wars fans who relentlessly hate the new movies are the most insufferable man children

  26. I mean, I don't like em, but i don't think I'm insufferable about it. I'm sure the insufferable ones are as vocal as any vocal minority. I think many of us just quietly wondered why they didn't get better writers.

  27. I'll take shit from the Braves, the Yankees, whatever. They earned it. I am not taking shit from a Twins fan. Nothing infuriates me more on this site than some random Orioles or Pirates fan or whatever trying to do LOLMets. Know your place.

  28. You've got a very weird brain dude. We're all just baseball fans, none of us has earned or done anything, at all, ever.

  29. I would literally be happy with a tiny fraction of that

  30. It'll definitely release, it has enough money in the bank, it's not his first rodeo, and the game is mostly done. All the major pieces are currently in. It lacks the optimization and joy of a masterpiece but it's still a relatively fun game the only thing that sucks is the low world population of 20-70ppl average. The world is made for 1,000 ppl to play so struggling to find pvp when less than 10% of the people play is very unfun. Although if you're a noob you'll be entertained for a few months before the pitfalls of the game annoy you. Every 2-3 weeks an update hits that makes the game a little more fun.

  31. Damn just got all excited to go check it out 3 years later and see if its out and what state....aaaaand its shut down. Wonderful

  32. Im just pointing out your ignorance. Nothing more. Go over to one of the libby subs and complain there. No fuckin sympathy here turd.

  33. weren't you the one just complaining about safe spaces and now you want this safe space? k

  34. I got quite a kick out of Braves fans saying our offense "doesn't work in the playoffs," only for them to meet the same fate about 4 days later. Then all of a sudden, the playoffs were "completely random" again. Turns out, hunting for nothing but fastballs and swinging for the downs every time isn't the big-brain super strategy they thought it was.

  35. It wasn't awful on the whole, but that's mainly because he was so good before the trade... he hit .192/.316/.271 as a Padre.

  36. So I guess you deleted MasterJediAnakin and now it's back to another old account?

  37. I'm glad this isn't archived because i love this. I only very very recently came to terms with the awful sequel trilogy. But i did so by coming to the conclusion that the lore and events themselves aren't anathema to star wars, or even that bad. Like you said, just the movies were poorly handled.

  38. I love the politics of star wars it remains one of the parts I'm very curious about especially as it's not usually given that much depth. That said personally I don't care for Leia and a sequel to the original trilogy without Luke doesn't interest which was the same reason I didn't bothering reading the books. It's a shame that so far the only thing that happened to Luke's Jedi order is that it got destroyed.

  39. necroing to agree. I so badly want to see the future of the Jedi. I don't even care anymore that they killed Luke and that stupid Mary sue Rey is now the founder of a Jedi order she knows nothing about. They can still do SOMETHING with it! just get better writers and directors please

  40. Try focusing on the background first. I agree if you just look at her she looks normal, but if you go left to right your brain is trying to put the background into perspective and then her being a giant kinda pops off of that perspective

  41. doesn't help me, the difference between the background mountain and the rock is too much. Color, texture, obvious haze from atmosphere.

  42. I don't know how other commenters' brains are adjusting so fast - I see a giant.

  43. I think the plan was to build the case enough to know whether they would win it, and if they would, they'd appoint a special counsel to bring it home so there aren't optics around the AG indicting a former Republican President under a Democrat administration.

  44. Pardon my ignorance but how are the optics any different with a special counsel?

  45. I wish I was alive to see the Yankees buy championships. Now it’s “spin the wheel of which rival gets to dance on your grave in October”

  46. I know some day the Yankees will not suck in October again but man it has been FUN.

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