Americans and their Firearms collections

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  1. I got my account back from being hacked in less than six hours. I have no idea why so many people have bad experiences as I've never had to wait for responses. I've always been refunded within a day for game returns too.

  2. oh, no doubts on refunds... well, perhaps not this time around, because I bought the ESO for her as replacement for the one on the account we could not recover. She made new acct. Added ESO to it. And then we get reply back some day later with actual human (I think) sorting out the sad fn "tale of two accounts." So I am pretty sure that's $80 I'm not getting back.

  3. Oh I absolutely agree. I feel rather kucky that all of my issues are handled so well. I hope it starts being easy for you as well!

  4. You are fully allowed to build your own gun above the age of 18 as long as you don't violate any NFA conditions.

  5. Thanks for the input bro. Obviously if I still have this when I’m 21 and get my CCW I can concealed carry it correct?

  6. Correct. As long as you never demonstrate intent to sell or transfer it to anyone else, you're good to keep it unregistered. But again, that is federal. Always have carry I strange like USCCA because they'll cover your ass with legal shit afterwards.

  7. What tip are we talking about ? Should I seen medical attention?

  8. It's M855A1. It's called green tip because it's predecessor, the regular M855, was the rounds with a painted green tip and a mild steel penetrator. The new versions have a completely different construction and are designed to fire from a 1:7 TR barrel.

  9. Yes, they are regularly referred to it as such. All the veterans I know and work with still use that term as a nickname over its official name.

  10. Well, since half of these are older people clearly having collections, and two of them are people who make a living off of gun videos on YouTube, and the rest look to be rich people or people with gun based careers/experience I'd say this is a poor example of most gun owners.

  11. I actually had a magazine of mine crack from being loaded to 30 for a long time. It was a cheap polymer that came with the rifle, so I started buying pmags and metal mags. Never had the problem since, and once it's loaded, I only unload for emergencies.

  12. Safariland has similarly designed armour but I can't find much info as I'm not close to a supplier or stocker for their M&P gear.

  13. Bro, it’s disappointing that I have to explain this to you. If yoy want a small gun, take the sight off the top. Your issue stems from a gun being small for your puppy crushing Jonny bench hands, so get a bigger gun. You say bigger gun would be too big while saying you would throw a sight on it, making it bigger.

  14. But I do. And it works just fine. Same with some olights. I understand the hate because some of their products aren't good but that doesn't mean all are bad or that the company as a whole is unreliable. So please, next time come with something more substantial.

  15. It really isn't. All I'm saying is that it's unrealistic to claim a product line is garbage as a whole when some of the products aren't. Thats not coping, that's just knowing how to judge on experience and not by brand alone.

  16. I mean, IMO, unless you're cutting a design specific to you or one that has a specific purpose like a strange fastening method for a light, I see no reason for them.

  17. Exacto knife for the spring channel and then a Pencil and some sand paper to get it nice and flush started with 140 grit and moved up to 800 and for the tabs i used cross cutting plier and then some sand paper

  18. That's a nice lookin gun. I want to build one like it for concealed carry once my permit arrives.

  19. I've never seen that logo on the slide, what company did you get it from?

  20. I couldn't tell you who down voted it, but I'm guessing whoever did realizes it's bad advice. There's no need to taper the bottom of your channel. Your recoil spring comes nowhere close to the bottom of the channel. Just make it flush with the top of the channel and your g2g

  21. It doesn't hurt. As OP said, some springs come in different sizes and can be finicky.

  22. Nonono, you have to go into a night map, use the ghillie operators, and then use the execution where you stab them and drag them backwards. Draw them into or near a bush by moving just enough to make noise and then execute them and drag them into the bush.

  23. Well showing the attacker where you are is actually a lot worse

  24. Well I’m not grabbing a p80 to defend my life either idc if it’s oem or not

  25. Why not? I've you've put time and effort into the p80 frame then it'll work just as good as any other avaliable frame. I'm not very good with my hands but my newest one functions as good as a stock OEM glock. Reliably ate all ammo I put through it so far, and hasn't had a single hiccup. I would carry mine, because I know it inside and out and also know that it will fire each time I pull the trigger.

  26. ...I wasnt even really trying to be mean but if ya wanna start throwing names around 😆 Appreciate the laugh but high speed cycling compared to 500-1000 rds live fire tells me all i need to know🤦🏼‍♂️ " a break in period" is stated for a specific reason. Do u think the tests for the military contracts consider high speed repetitive manual cycling and snap caps as good enough to get the job? Hope ur build runs great man. Happy Easter!

  27. Guess what, live fire showed that everything I predicted was true. You're a fucking retard, and your fake careless attitude doesn't hide that. Next time be sure to actually say something with all the bullshit you like to spew.

  28. Ego driven stupidity? 🤦🏼‍♂️😆ur too much lol, you see karen, the problem with pointing fingers is there's a handful of witnesses that identify the real culprit about 9/10 times... clearly I've gotten under your skin stating obvious things, but I do really hope u had a great Easter, and I also hope once u actually fire that thing,I hope it runs say that ur everyday carry doesnt need to be rigorously tested, AGAIN tells me all I need to know, out of EVERY scenario, when ur life's on the line, call me crazy, but putting my faith in a dented snap cap sounds pretty dumb. But its your life man, and I'm the dumbass so what the hell🤷‍♂️ I wish you luck...... . Keep those snap caps clean bud. 💥💥

  29. I already said I fired it. God you're so braindead. It's like you only read small sections and form your entire point from that small excerpt. Get lost man. You're still a fucking moron.

  30. Thanks for that explanation !! Is the film/ polymer stuff expensive like how much of it would it take to do like 2 frames ?

  31. I use overature PLA pro and I've been able to print well over the equivalent of six frames with a single spool. It comes down to your settings. The more material you use (to increase structure strength) the less you can make with your spool.

  32. Ohhhhh shhhiiitttt !! Thanks for dropping that sub I don’t know how I’ve never ran Into it

  33. I got the ender 3 v2. Lots of benefits over the standard v3 with only a 100 or so extra. Though there are an infinite number of upgrades you can use to make your printing less of a hair pulling experience.

  34. It's just white supremacy. It's people going "Well the BLACKS can be proud of being black, so why can't I have WHITE PRIDE?"

  35. Whites of multiple nationalities have been enslaved throughout history too...

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