1. I like your idea of it being because a ghost caused it, I never thought of that at all lol very cool!!!

  2. I’ve never received it this late lol but June was a good month, I love everything!

  3. I’m still waiting on my June back so seeing that you just got yours gives me hope that I will still get mine🤣

  4. Omg!!! Is it on its way to you at least? I hope u get it soon, it sucks lol.

  5. I have 3 Ipsy bags to give. Please message me your name and email.

  6. How do I post about free bags? I have 3, my posts get deleted lol

  7. Please let us know! I bought one cus I thought it was a glitch, lol but now that I see it’s not sold out, I want another one.

  8. They definitely don’t let you return, idk if you can cancel, I don’t think so.

  9. How is the MOTD highlighter? I received it but I haven’t used it because I have so many highlighters and they’re sending me another highlighter duo for May GBP. I’m also kind of over champagne colored highlighters right now and super onto purples and pinks

  10. I was actually looking for that highlighter today to give it away lol I can’t find it, and no, I haven’t tried it. I’m sorry. I gave the toner away today too. I need to stop getting these subs. I give everything away 😞.

  11. I happened to still have the bottle of perfume lol and saw that it was one of the April products, so I took a picture with that to show what would have been my perfect April bag. I don’t use toner. But it was a good bag 😊. They reimbursed me for my April add on though, that’s not cool. It was the R&CO dry shampoo, they said it was out of stock 😕💔.

  12. Oh wow, just noticed it says rouse lol it’s Rouge obviously lol y’all know that 😝.

  13. I love all of the perfumes you purchased

  14. I’d be happy doing comedy for the rest of my life but I LOVE voice acting too. I would love to do more animation and video games. I did GTA San Andreas back in the day and that was an absolute blast. I played a valley girl who gets super annoyed when you try to run her over. I also wanna play one of those sidekicky characters from early 2000’s romcoms ala Judy Greer.

  15. Early 2000 sidekicky romcoms, ala Judy Greer, you are an Arrested Development fan?! That just makes you even cooler!!!! Did you get to meet Macaulay Culkin? One of my favorite parts this season is that Macaulay is Harmon. I loved how you said, “gooch pucker?” To Judy, lmao. You’re a brilliant actress and making Danny McBride laugh and work with him, damn girl... Praise her.

  16. Nope. I would have chosen this, looks really pretty!!!

  17. That lipstick really caught my eye! But I went for the Cosrx master patches. I love the brand, it‘s $12 retail, & my partner gets pimples but doesn’t want a full skincare routine.

  18. I wish I saw those patches! I didn’t even know something like that existed, I’m from the old heating pad days but it makes sense if they have them for your back too :)

  19. If they’re not in the drop shop maybe they’ll be in the mega drop shop lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ hope u get to try them 😊 lol

  20. Yeah they like kind of warm but not enough to do anything. I got mine from boxy, maybe they were old.

  21. Mine r from boxy too. They’re not gonna be super super hot, but they get hot enough, grab a pillow and curl up on your side lol press the pillow on your tummy 🤷🏻‍♀️. Mine stay warm for more than 12 hours for sure. If u don’t notice that they r warm the next day maybe u did get a bad batch.

  22. Welcome 🤗 and the bag for April is definitely cuter than what they’ve been giving out. Hope you get a great bag for your birthday month:)

  23. Mine was a new account. Glad you were able to get it though. I’d been eyeing it too. It was really biggest reason for subbing. Well that and Mega Drop shop access. I got invited to shop the Black Friday one after creating an account and then deciding not to actually sub a few weeks before and was hooked. Lol When I saw I could get access and the palette plus 5 other goodies for less than $15 I was all in.

  24. It is an incredible box for $15 for sure! I was very lucky to get this variation 😊. I freaking love hair masks, lip scrubs, glow recipe and illamasqua! I’ve never tried aceology, have you? Is this product good ?

  25. No I haven’t ever used them. I haven’t tried the mask yet. But I was considering it trying it tonight.

  26. Ive tried the glow recipe it’s super nice and the lip scrub and the palette. Haven’t tried the hair mask yet but it’s ready to go in my restroom. I’ve been using the Better not younger hair mask, I really like it 😊. I too am working my way through samples of setting sprays so I haven’t used this one yet.

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