1. I'm actually really surprised that so many people are saying this. It's advice I receive pretty regularly.

  2. So take your dog more out, take the advice. 3 times is not that much. Maybe he even got something on his blader also. Of he wasnt doing it inside before

  3. What level or rarity are you allowed to choose? There can be a big difference in power between Common and Legendary!

  4. We just need to choose something and he gonna see how he can implement it. So it could change a little also. But a great fan of staffs with my luck its gone in 1 turn ><

  5. One general use item that can easily fit in druid lore is a Luckstone for +1 to all saves. Flavor it as hanging on a necklace and you can easily keep it while wildshaped.

  6. Why did you cut it short? They eventually got the snake. Karma farming I guess

  7. Cutting it sort is giving miss information, they destroyed the roof on purpose. Nothing went wrong at all here.

  8. Prob too old?. I do hope they make the new Batman a large brute of a man like Dean Morgan. I’ve seen too many skinny batmen.

  9. In flashpoint we see Thomas Wayne as Batman. JDM plays the father of batfleck. The flash movie would be a good opportunity but i doubt they using it.

  10. Some banks do allow you to upload images to place on the cards. Might do this and hope they don’t contact DC.

  11. I tried to do this, they didnt allowed beceause of licence problems. Now I got a barely visual batman lurking in the shadows on my card

  12. That sucks, did you use a photo from the movie? I wonder if I can bypass that by using my own render and showing proof that I myself modeled and rendered the image.

  13. I used a photo from the internet, it was just the batman logo. But I feel the person didnt even do the research on it. Cuz my prev card had the flash logo and that was no problem at all.

  14. The proper hint would be look at the spider and tell me how many legs a spider got

  15. I dont like harry potter either but the game is different. You will not find another game like this for a while so really worth to try it.

  16. Alright. Will do, thanks. And as a sort of bonus question. ARE there any staves? I doubt it but you know.

  17. The rules of it change sometimes. More recently it’s been more common for him to need intent behind the word. Think the main purpose is that since his name changed to Shazam he needs to be able to introduce himself without transforming

  18. Used to be?? Ohhh no, to me its still Capt Marvel

  19. I eat apples (with core) almost everyday sooooo...... It will take more than 1.8 minutes to kill me with cyanide.

  20. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Both of you. Such barbaric actions do not befit civilized humans like you.

  21. We are the new master race. When our mom told us to give it to the birds, we denied that request, take the extra vitamins and defeat the birds once and for all.

  22. Are there gloves that'd prevent a table saw cutting your finger off? Didn't know that. But the mechanism here is super cool. Seen some slow motion videos of it

  23. There are gloves that can prevent it but those are like medieval chainmail gloves. Not really comes in handy if you need to work with those + always a chance something happens with these and get stuck with the blade aswell. Every piece of clothing is actually dangerous within a reach of a spinning machine.

  24. do you also have the proffesion equipment weapon enchants, that should also give +40 inspiration

  25. Hi, atm I am max in blacksmith for axe/mace/polearms. I got every point for inspiration in hammer control. Is there anything I can do to improve more? Or is it save for me to put points into the sword tree now? Current inspiration is 41%

  26. I am a tank, blood dk, I am getting about 35-45k overall in 12-15s

  27. Depends on the key, but 40-50k should be possible in most dungeons in current m+ gear (~410)

  28. You are right as a BDK I go average 40-45k on 15+ keys. People downvoting you are the ones not believing and probably doing only low keys

  29. So many variables that can affect the price, but I'm usually paying anywhere between 20-50k for crafting that includes free recrafting until it hits R5.

  30. Thats what I’m chargin for weapons around 20-25k was thinking about upping the price

  31. Most warlocks started out as mages and moved into forbidden magic. I would say a warlock would win most of the time but I really depends on the individuals involved.

  32. Isn’t that warlocks comes from shamans? Nothing to do with mage tbh. I can be wrong still early with the books

  33. Blood deathknight here raid and m+ feels pretty good right now. Sometimes hard to keep myself alive if theres alot of stuff to do but we can manage. Also I perform best if everyone else is dead but thats a Blood DK thing I guess

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