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  1. Take little steps at a time. You'll grown into it. Compare it with when you would evolve into goth while you want your environment to get used to it: start with some jewelry, then change 1 garment at a time.

  2. This is good advice. When you are nervous about wearing something, every bad interaction hits harder, so ease into it.

  3. I’m actually seeing SC more so! Balanced with softness.

  4. AlyArt's videos. I hoped SN first, since I like those lines. But it didn't look right, so I looked at the height limits and realizes I was over 5'7. Switched to FN but it didn't clic. Asked to be typed here and was redirected to SD (ironically, the one style I looked at and was like "ugh that looks high maintenance"). Really happy with my ID now :)

  5. Remember when the US had 3 liter coke bottles

  6. Even the most out of the way, middle of the jungle, convenience stores in Mexico sell 5 liter bottles of coke :/

  7. 3 liter***** sorry, I ment 3L.

  8. Wow, I love these so much! Jealous of the first top, it is quinessential SD silhouette!

  9. how about some bootcuts?

  10. I agree on pure Natural!

  11. I know, but I stick to the original categories from the book. In many cases, it is more accurate for people that don't lean more Yin or Yang.

  12. I always thought Classic and Reinassamce art was aiming for a Classic body type. Although the models may vary, the ideal was perfectly blanced proportions.

  13. I use what best fits me, with help from

  14. I think the name of the reccommended bra didn't make it into the post. What was sit?

  15. Yes, sorry! It is the Syrokan padded full coverga sports bra. We got it

  16. Hey! I model ocassionally for friends. Some pointers:

  17. Oh my gosh you did, And I think you included a picture of her in all her incredibleness.

  18. Btw I really enjoy your posts!! If yoy want I can DM you some pictures modeling (I just don't want to post them publicly)

  19. If you don't feel confortable, change psychiatrist. Mine was definitely crossing a line, and it became detrimental to the therapy. Even if your psych doesn't outright harass you, you don't have full trust enymore. Switch therapist.

  20. On the fist 24hrs of a 3 day fast. I'm doing it for health more than weight loss, my digestion was feeling off. It's actually very peaceful

  21. I think Chuck from Strong Towns would be a better introductory guest

  22. Plastic water bottles. And yet we throw the away...

  23. I love the thoughtful posts you've been making. I agree that there's a lot more nuance to be considered, and thankfully there's people out there that can write about it (like OP!). Until I can get here,

  24. Found about Kibbe in August of 2020.

  25. Very good observations! And very good pic selection

  26. If it is constant, it might be a health issue. To be safe, check for bumps, a change of texture or other anomalies on your breast tissue.

  27. I love that it reminds me of

  28. Is there a certain method that they use to putting together an outfit? Like, do they have a formula?

  29. I don’t know their formula as they did a lot of pre work before I got there but my understanding of “accommodation” has changed after seeing them. For example, I used to think “vertical accommodation” meant that you needed longer clothes. I am of moderate height and don’t shop in the tall section of any store so I didn’t think this applied to me. However, I now understand it as more of a vertical motif throughout the outfit, which can appear in earrings, neckline, draping, shoe straps, etc. I know everyone always talks about the “head-to-toe” but seeing what they chose really made me think about each individual piece as part of a whole look, rather than just something I liked or that matched.

  30. Ok, that's vwry interesting!

  31. Oooh I hadn't seen this one, Yessss!! I think vampire has the imposing but seductive vibe that describes SD very well

  32. I don't know her but agree. I always tucked my shirts with high waisted pants, but found it makes my waist look broader and my torso wider than it is long. When my waistline (or when my shirt ends) around the hipbones, I look slimmer and effortlessly put together.

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