1. Almost nobody will know how to tackle a problem by only thinking about it. Try different ideas and keep the ones that work best.

  2. You can't brandish a 1911 or a Glock and say, "You see this?

  3. Ah, I would hide it. Concealed carry until someone tries to attack me. If you present this unknown technology you only raise the chances that someone tries to steal it from you.

  4. Ah, ok. English isn't my first language. I thought the feedback loop should have negative consequences.

  5. I feel like quantum physics has too much philosophy that aims to make it more accessible but imo kinda takes away from its brilliance. Statistics I feel is a lot more counterintuitive than people give it credit, notoriously even mathematician misappropriate it’s math. That’s not even getting into people who intentionally use statistics deceptively :(

  6. Yup I agree, you can get an overview of quantum physics somewhat easily. And there are so many traps you can fall into if you try to calculate a probability

  7. I just can't believe in something when I have no evidence for it. I'm not sure if there is a god, there might me or there might not be.

  8. I believe that everyone is able to believe whatever they want. Muhammad and Vishnu and Odin exist, but it's not what I subscribe to because there is something I find more fitting and attractive.

  9. There is a shortage of workers, so the pay is really ok. I was an electrician for large buildings under construction and I enjoyed it. But I needed a break for a while, now working part time as delivery driver.

  10. A symbol of some sort, a chess piece, a logic gate, traffic sign, currency symbol, planetary symbols, anything in that direction maybe.

  11. If I design a wheel and fail to build it because of faulty design and faulty building skills of mine, then I end up with a nonfunctioning wheel. If I had the full intention to succeed in building that wheel, then I didn't purpousefully create something to proove that I cannot purpousefully create something without purpose.

  12. I didn’t say it was funny. Just that it was obviously not serious

  13. U were young back then so it most likely was just over the top teasing. At least u stopped👍

  14. Oh I knwo you meant that. That’s what I meant by the teasing as that’s more playful and common in younger kids than older ones.

  15. Raising the awareness of bullying and the feelings of victims goes a long way because of that. I'm quite confident that if I had realised the harm I was doing I would have stopped immediately.

  16. In that case I think you could clarify your first comment. It reads like the Japanese deserved the atombombs as punishment for their crimes in East Asia. Well it reads like that to me.

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