[OC] I adopted a stray kitten yesterday! Any name suggestions?

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  1. Nah I like the hair. Victra’s militaristic so it’d be short and hard to grab onto like this is. That’s why Roman and therefore most modern militaries cut the hair short

  2. Well. Just get someone in each church and with some recording device. In my experience growing up in those kinds of places, we'll have evidence to tax most churches by the end of June

  3. “God wants you to pay taxes to balance the budget! He told me so! Just believe me bro.”

  4. Lemme fuel up first, with a Big Mac and fries, and hydrate with a Diet Coke.

  5. Everybody knows the perfect pre-run carbo-load: Fettuccine Alfredo

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/7SmT9zA63qg2f3dFvW

  7. Pros: Less recoil allows quicker followup shots, lightweight, inexpensive. High-quality (reliable) self-defense ammo costs less than practice ammo in any other caliber.

  8. Fkn this. I love shooting my 10/22 but if I hear a bump in the night I’m grabbing my .300blk AR with a 7” barrel.

  9. A civil war? Over what? Trump’s bruised ego? If it happens, he won’t be anywhere near it. The only thing bigger than his mouth is his cowardice.

  10. He CANT fight in it! Shin splints, remember? From all that running he did from the war in Vietnam

  11. I plan on getting “Valleys make the Mountains” as a tattoo

  12. I 100% agree. Furthermore, I wouldnt even be sure Cassius will be supportive of Darrow's war or even be on his side. You gotta remember, the only reason Cassius turned against Octavia was because she conspired with the Jackal to have his entire family killed. Its not like at the end of Morningstar he suddenly had pity for all the colors gold was mistreating and realized gold was wrong and suddenly became best bros with Darrow again. He realized gold was sick-- to what extent was never really clarified.

  13. But he may lop off Lysander’s head for jump-starting the war that much more.

  14. I see Cassius still having feelings for Mustang, seeing as they were together for a time AND saved each other from Aja in the Dragon-Maw, that kind of experience will guarantee some amount of intimate familiarity by itself.

  15. I just started my apprenticeship and had a fella tell me to climb a ladder in a situation like this looked at the ladder then back to him said that'd fucking stupid he then agreed with me and we did it another way lol felt like a test on what he could get me to do. Like bruh I'm 34 I'm not THAT stupid

  16. Actually a good test to see where someone’s head’s at. Even if someone’s less experienced than me I want them safety minded and comfortable speaking up if they think something’s an issue/be looking for hazards

  17. I agree that gun control laws won't work if not enacted nationwide.

  18. Can’t believe I have to state this again but collecting up all the guns in the country is an impossible task. Fantasy. Unrealistic.

  19. The situation your describing was faced by every other developed country over a century ago.

  20. That’s literally what’s in place now. You can’t buy a gun legally without a background check and disclosure of mental illness diagnoses or domestic violence/felonies, and basically any of those is a “cannot buy” status

  21. Fucking liberals with their realistic hypotheticals. This is Biden’s fault! /s

  22. Those two main career paths (their higher levels anyway) are reserved for Peerless Scarred, but I’d imagine Golds could do whatever they wanted for work.

  23. We know that Fitchner became Quicksilver's "fixer" for lack of a better term and I would guess that if they wanted to go into the military they would still be able to.

  24. Fitchner was also managing construction/terraforming before that so there’s other jobs for them out there.

  25. The cardinal sin should be spending a couple grand for a shoe!! Unless you’re just that rich I guess. I mean, don’t let me stop you, but that’s more than my rent.

  26. It's interesting how much they throw around "weapons of war." I know they mean firearms, of which the majority of us do not even have the ability to obtain select fire firearms which the military actually uses, but a soldier's kit includes other tools other than a firearm. What about knives, picks, shovels, hammers, fists, etc?

  27. That’s why I want a hunting rifle like an M1 Garand, not a weapon of war

  28. Raava WAS winning the fight against Vaatu before Wan interfered. She’s always been inherently stronger

  29. Since beginning-less time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.

  30. God this quote makes me love Zaheer as a villain that much more. The Air Nomads were peaceful and embraced the light until they were given no choice but to fight back with extreme prejudice (Monk Gyatso) and Zaheer’s punk-rock anarchist mentality is the other side of that coin.

  31. The shooter having a gun and being able to buy a firearm had nothing to do with that I guess? "Le Good Guy with A Gun" certainly worked well in Buffalo, didn't it?

  32. By all means, call the Coast Guard next time you need a man with a gun to save you. Probably still have a faster response time and more motivation to save you than the cops.

  33. I think I'd rather any potential attackers not have a gun personally, but that's just me. The common denominator of all shootings is guns after all.

  34. Wasn’t trolling. The cure for Nazis is guns, not negotiation.

  35. “Distance has sanitized war, nearly as much as Stoneside’s fucking ramblings. It has made it easy…romantic. I have no interest in sanitization nor romance. I apply scientific methods to produce psychological trauma in our enemies in order to create psychological casualties.

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