1. I like the semi-3D version Wafa had.

  2. I want Bid Swig to have Fizzy and Tacticooler just so that they have 3 drinks.

  3. Unfortunately, there is a limit of 10 per customer, and no one wants to give up theirs.

  4. No? 30 is the minimum needed to unlock all the weapons without being charged 3 Sheldon Licenses for each weapon.

  5. No one actually knows. Splat2n had a cap of 99 post update according to Google. One single other comment I found said it was at least more than 100.


  7. Each amiibo gives you a specific gear set. If you want that specific gear set, get that amiibo.

  8. I was in Sword Mode the whole time

  9. How bad was Wave 1 that you had to use both of your Booyah Bombs?

  10. It's like that S everyone draws. No one knows where it comes from, but everyone draws it anyway.

  11. That S likely predates modern civilization.

  12. I imagine they're just lumps of metal that get pooped out by monsters that eat rock.

  13. Nintendo would simply take rule-breaking posts down rather than edit to censor them. It was likely made like this by the poster to be funny / to avoid being reported. Sorry if I’m missing a joke here lol

  14. They clearly identify themselves as a chocolate confection.

  15. in my case with my friends it's usually 2 on mid and 2 on bigshot for as long as there's eggs there and we usually get to vp 240. We haven't consumed any meta content for higher ratings though, maybe we'll try something different.

  16. The influx of newer players getting carried to Eggsecutive VP is insane. So many keep flocking to the shoreline and getting splatted near the Big Shot cannon.

  17. It was buggy at launch. A lot of things about it were fixed in 1.2~ One of particular note was a bug that prevented it from dealing any damage at all.

  18. In world focus is best and in rise it's load shells. It's a nice comfort skill but once u got the muscle memory for cb it's sorta pointless.

  19. It's not so much muscle memory at that point, moreso it's DPS. The less time charging your Sword and Shield means more focus into pumping out as many SAEDs as you can. In Sunbreak it's paramount considering the ridiculous numbers that Elemental SAEDs can reach.

  20. As a tip, if you can't get it, it's either amiibo or Catalog level.

  21. I'm pretty sure that's what we in the business refer to as a "Door"

  22. As a person outside the business, what is it then referred to as?

  23. But there won't be any more splatfests this season.

  24. Thank you. I was so sure we were taking about Splatoon 8.

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