1. Thank you so much, truly. I despise being called “high functioning,” while falling apart internally. This is a beautiful piece, and really speaks to my lived experience. I appreciate you putting this out here for all of us. <3 took me to 42 years to recognize this

  2. This is true. I actually have trauma from my parents calling my autism mild… which, while relatively true, makes me feel dismissed and ignored (and caused me to go undiagnosed for 20 years with suicidal thoughts for 2+ years). I’m working through it in therapy.

  3. I'm really sorry someone did this to you :// trauma's a relative thing: just because something "doesn't seem traumatic enough", it doesn't mean it didn't feel very traumatizing to the person. Besides, sometimes a situation may seem harmless from the outside, but by living through it, you realize it definitely wasn't the case! I wish you didn't have to expose yourself for others to believe you, too...

  4. Confession here, I had to look up post scarcity economics. What's your favorite part of it? Theoretical technology, how society would function? Do you like science fiction? It seems like it could be used in science fiction in some really interesting ways.

  5. So post scarcity is when we no longer have to work to get our needs met? That’s interesting

  6. Well, kind of. Survival post-scarcity is when you don't need to work to survive. That doesn't mean your life will be good. Some things may still be scarce, for example, commissioning people to draw art, or buying gaming computers. This keeps post-scarcity in reach, as a viable goal.

  7. (Probably between level 1 and 2, no official levels given)

  8. Wow. I really get what you’re saying there, I thought I was the only one. My family is very accepting of my autism and they don’t comment on my stims, but sometimes I just think that they’re probably super embarrassed internally when they see me making weird noises or clacking my jaw loudly.

  9. Mmm, yeah, that's why I think support needs levels can change. Not in the way of like "oh we're all a bit level 3 sometimes" but more of like... due to major life changes or burnout. It may change over months or years.

  10. I see you've met my mother. I'm trying to get evaluated now and she said a couple days ago that I am wasting money for something that is all in my head and "why are you trying to give yourself a disability?" I tell her about how I struggle with executive functions and she says it's a bs excuse for being lazy. I suspect that she is some type of flavor of ND tho and this is the mindset that got her through everything, except at the cost of her mental and physical state (binge eating disorder)...

  11. I appreciate the help. I’m still very new to this myself and I feel like there’s so much debate and so little factual information sometimes it can be very confusing, especially on the internet where we don’t have a lot of the nuance I know many of us rely on to understand social interactions.

  12. It’s okay. The learning curve is indeed very steep. I often forget that since I’ve been in this community for many years.

  13. This is super helpful thank you! I’m getting involved with special education research and many of the subjects are people with autism specifically so I always like getting a better understanding

  14. You’re welcome! I’m so happy I can help you in your research!! 😊

  15. DEFINITELY. Yes. It's not placebo. It's real. Yes yes yes. I experience exactly the same thing.

  16. that's horrible! you should remove yourself from the situation and either move somewhere else or make clear that she makes you uncomfortable. it may not stop the meltdowns but at least you won't be institutionalized for these involuntary behaviors

  17. I second this. Is there anyone you can talk to, who has some power to change the situation, aside from the bad staff, OP?

  18. Do you know what tends to trigger meltdowns for you? Is there any way to avoid them?

  19. Definitely. My friend calls them “eras”. It was what caused me to look into autism (and later on, ADHD too) in the first place.

  20. Guidance for late-diagnosed autistic individuals. What autism is, our limits, our strengths, where we can find help if needed. The “starting point”, essentially.

  21. Personally, I'm very much okay with it, but I think "suspected autism" would be safer in public, since some people will have differing opinions.

  22. It made it better for me because I was able to get accommodations from my University. I can't comment on the others because I'm not sure where you live in.

  23. Clumsiness. I was very late to the diagnosis party, and when I was researching autism, I was expecting it to explain a lot of my social and mental difficulties (which it did), but I was not expecting it to explain some of my physical ones as well.

  24. I’m trying to figure out the difference between autistic clumsiness and dyspraxia. Can anyone chime in on this?

  25. It sucks that people generally think girls are faking things. I saw this video where people were giving free vouchers to homeless people, and people in the comments only attacked the girls, saying they were “obviously not homeless”, analysing their clothing to see if they were homeless etc. Idk why they do that.

  26. There’s a website that helps with self care, I hope it helps a bit:

  27. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope the people doing the assessment will be able to take this into account.

  28. I’ll be honest… I think that might be overkill. It’s reasonable that they’ll be upset given the common knowledge of autism.

  29. Good luck! I went to a psychotherapist too today (post-diagnosis counselling/therapy). I hope you’ll have a good experience in yours.

  30. Someone recommended this website and I thought you might appreciate also knowing about it:

  31. I love that website and the name. Thank you. The name is very accurate too. Use the website when you feel like shit.

  32. This may or may not apply to your bf, since every autistic person is different, but here’s a resource:

  33. Gru meme: First, I have a special interest. I get into a University course for my special interest. I change my special interest. … I change my special interest?

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