1. Do they send an email with the $25 discount? I signed up but haven’t gotten anything

  2. I canceled my member and can still shop sales. My account is set to guest pass instead of active

  3. They sent me an email saying I had guest access to shop the sales after I canceled

  4. I’m obsessed with workout clothes and I wear leggings and a sports bra every class and everyone always comments on how cute my matching sets are (i have a ridiculous amount). I used to wear a shirt/tank over my sports bra when I first started and one of the instructors told me I didn’t have to, if I didn’t want to, when they saw me take off my shirt to walk out to my car. All that to say, at my studio, everyone is super nice and has never made me feel anything but super cute in my outfits. The outfits are half of the fun for me, as it makes me feel good when I go work out. I’d love to see people wear whatever makes them comfortable and feel good about themselves.

  5. The size I go with really depends on the fabric! Any leggings that are for training or running I will go with a 6 and any “naked feel”, yoga, lifestyle leggings I go with a 4. Wunder Trains are a bit compressive so I usually go with a size up to allow for more room in the legs but Aligns are suuuppperr stretchy so I go with my waist size for Aligns. My measurements are 25/39 for reference. Also, most leggings will come with a draw cord that allows the waist to be tightened so you don’t have to worry so much about the waist being too big! Aligns are one of the few that don’t have the drawcord but the WTs do have one

  6. I have the same measurements except I am four inches taller. Get a 4

  7. Maybe you previously used the Glycolic version? Sunday Riley has two versions of Good Genes with the same packaging except for the name difference. There is the Lactic Acid and the Glycolic Acid. The Glycolic Acid version has a thicker white opaque consistency and the Lactic Acid has a thin white liquid consistency.

  8. I thought this might be it but I compared the bottles and they’re the same :/

  9. If you click on buy credits, it should show you the package you bought and the expiration date. I just looked at mine.

  10. They had great intentions I just think they didn’t know that it wouldn’t work the way they thought it would :(

  11. You can get a winter box for 40% off right now. It comes out to $30 + tax.

  12. So I chatted with one agent (I multitasked and did laundry while waiting a long time lol) and she said the code I had was expired and then she said she wasn’t able to send me pics as to what was available for the categories. Later on I tried a different agent just to see if they could tell me something different 😆 I entered the promo code in my second account and it worked and gave me the discount. The second agent sent me pics as to what was available and they were accurate. In the very end, I ordered a second seasonal box with a discount and I got the 4 different items I was hoping to get. You would think all of their agents would have the same information? Maybe some of them aren’t as helpful as others? Not sure but if one agent isn’t being very helpful, maybe check back another time and try someone else 😊👍

  13. I had a few spots like this on my bikini area right after treatment and they went away after a few days.

  14. I really want to try the Benefit Super Setter and had selected it as my choice - until I finally did it and cancelled Ipsy. Can non-members take part in Second Chance Add-ons? I was able to when I had paused, but idk about cancelled. They still have all my info on the app.

  15. Considering that this box essentially cost me $2.50 with the $10 Pop-Up credit, I ain’t mad at it at all. I think I’ll actually use everything here. The eyeliner is a a pretty forest green, which is a fun color that I don’t have in an eyeliner.

  16. I just got the Sunday Riley duo a couple days ago. Might still work.

  17. I’m in the same boat. Mine expires in January and getting nervous.

  18. This has happened to me every time too! But I’ve gotten them to send a replacement once, and they said they’re sending a replacement for this month. I’m really hoping they actually do send something and don’t end up refunding.

  19. I’ve gotten all these items previously through allure. They’re not all on this bag, but have been in previous bags.

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