Better Call Saul S06E07 - [Mid-Season Finale] "Plan and Execution" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. What's going to happen in the aftermath of the execution? Howard's murder will be a high-profile investigation by law enforcement. Maybe Lalo is going to force Kim to take the fall for the murder? That would divert attention from Lalo (from the local cops anyway), and would place Saul squarely into the pressure cooker since he'd have to implicate his own wife.

  2. Well for now, it's only Howard's disappearance. Only Kim, Jimmy, and Lalo know he's dead and with his marriage in its current state and the way he was behaving the last time he was at work, I don't think anyone is going to think he got murdered even if they don't see him for a few days.

  3. Lalo thinks on his feet really, really well, in case you haven't noticed, LOL. He might come up with some sort of arrangement (AKA Plan C) with his attorney: "I'll clean all this up to make it look like a suicide, frame Gus for it, etc., and what you'll do for me is..."

  4. Lalo has to buy the farm after seeing all that.

  5. To say this is moving at a snail's pace is like saying there's a lot of water in the ocean.

  6. Anyone else read the title as "Chef Boy-Ar-Dead"?

  7. A patient called and left a voicemail for med refill, thought he hung up and then proceeded to negotiate a drug deal with someone for the refill he just requested.

  8. I'm guessing the med wasn't Aspirin.

  9. Who served time for fighting over food

  10. I'm not a doctor, but surgery should be your ABSOLUTELY LAST RESORT treatment for back issues. It doesn't matter how good the surgeon is; it's major, major surgery with lots of rehab time. And just maybe, it'll get you results.

  11. They were frothing at the mouth when they saw an opportunity to call a woman a bitch.

  12. You know we're talking about actors playing roles, right? When casting actors, you have to use vibrant, descriptive adjectives to summon the right talent. There's nothing personal. It's a profession. Jesus, get a grip.

  13. I have never felt more empathy for Howard in my life. I just wanna wrap him up in a warm blanket and give him a hug + latte.

  14. Yes. The casting call for Howard's wife must've been: "Looking for cold, short-haired, bird-faced brunette bitch."

  15. Or...Laura Montoya --> Lalo SalaManca

  16. I would have invented the camera right there on the beach to take a picture of her!

  17. I used silicone lube one time. Did the deed, then nutted 3 more times trying to wash that stuff off.

  18. NGL I wasn't a fan of the pilot the first time around. It took me a while to give the show another try

  19. I was a little surprised to hear him describe Saul's ambition as wanting to "franchise out [er, um] eventually...that's his big dream [er, um] I guess"

  20. I think Lalo's about to show up

  21. I'd piggy back on this to say...initiates ANYTHING. It doesn't even have to be sexual.

  22. They're Capitol Police. Federal law enforcement. They're probably going back to their office after an escort duty. That's why the guy sighs before going after the van. Traffic enforcement isn't anywhere close to their duties, but they can't ignore such dangerous driving.

  23. Can't tell if you're joking or not, but it clearly says "Fairfax County Police" on the back of the shirt of one of the cops that went after the van.

  24. My bad. You're right. They look a lot like the Capitol Police cruisers.

  25. By a descent quantity of dried pasta, frozen veg, tinned soup, tinned beans etc. Then whenever you want dinner, throw a couple of things together. For example, last night i boiled pasta, added frozen peas and frozen spinach a couple of minutes before the pasta was done, then drained the mix, and added a tin of sardines. One saucepan. No planning ahead. Grocery shopping algorithm is "if low on pasta, buy more. If low on tinned fish, buy more. If low on frozen veg, buy more. ..."

  26. "tinned soup?" "tinned beans?" "tinned fish?" WTF?

  27. Guessing Paul was a bit anxious, having forgotten the usual shirt with the tie…

  28. He paid for the Doctor from (John's Hopkins?) who was a specialist to oversee his rehabilitation. He didn't want Hector to die, because he wanted to be the one to kill and torture him while he did it. He had the specialist stop with the rehab just when Hector was sentient enough to understand what was going on around him, but too weak and impotent to actually do anything. Gus "brought him back" just to torture him by having him live out the rest of his life as a weak, helpless man in a wheelchair unable to communicate.

  29. OK, thanks. I wasn't really watching then. So there was no investigation as to the cause of his downturn (that Gus "saved" him from)? The heart/sugar pills switcheroo?

  30. Didn't Gus investigate (or at least want to know) who switched them in the first place?

  31. And Biden. And Obama. And W Bush. And Clinton. And HW Bush. And Reagan. And Carter...etc.

  32. I disagree on Carter. He seems the most sane of the bunch. Oh, and you left out one of the most insane ones, Nixon.

  33. LOL, I "left out" most of the US presidents. Hence the "...etc."

  34. Seth Meyers. I think he's really funny, but his voice gets under my skin.

  35. So...watching the moon landing in 1969...in 2022?

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