1. Beautiful! Such smooth brushwork! Mine always looks scratchy even after gesso, what's your secret?

  2. That's a very impressive collection, I hope I have as many someday. Rowlet gang!

  3. So you’re telling me the yeeyee ass string-cheese Pokémon gets to be number 1000 in the Pokédex ? Damn

  4. Hoping for some nice longer hairstyles for the male character, I hear you can use any customization regardless of gender but hopefully they actually look good on both

  5. Yeah! Pingu was honestly my favorite show when I was 3-4 years old.

  6. Very inspiring what people manage to make in this game even after all these years

  7. Pretty much my dream kind of seasonal because those types of characters tend to be my favourites

  8. Considering I accidentally got 10 copies of fallen trying to get Perceval, I'm inclined to say him, though I do like the Halloween one a lot too

  9. I like this idea for alts but personally I would put Tapu Koko with Gladion, I just think they look good together

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