1. My dermatologist told me for it to be effective to not use a moisturizer at night. If needed only during the day.

  2. never saw this comment, but thank you for answering. I followed his advice and only use moisturizer and spf in the day. I started using Aklief every other day for two weeks, now I’ve been almost two weeks since using it daily at night, no moisturizer just washing, niacinamide serum and aklief after 20 minutes. Not much irritation, just a bit dryness after using it everyday.

  3. he doesn’t realize he’s the experiment and they’re actually studying him 💀

  4. it’s always nice seeing speedpaints bc I can see what other artists do and maybe copy some of their techniques haha

  5. I feel like Genshin being a mobile game really holds it back from being so much more (no hate to mobile players)

  6. who knows for how long will it be as accesible though, a major reason why it got so popular it was being in mobile and being free, but with the amount of storage space required just now, I don’t think a lot of mobile players will get by another two regions, personally I am at my limit on my phone, they need to find a way to fix it if they want to keep attracting new mobile players 😬

  7. The Chasm wasn’t necessary at all, I didn’t dislike it, but it got old really quick, the lore it’s alright but it didn’t blow my mind like tsurumi island, the gameplay didn’t felt fresh either

  8. punch them, punching a nazi is always morally correct /j

  9. and she ended up as one of the most reliable dps and supports of the game

  10. what is the haes movement without stealing terms and comparing their struggles with other actual marginalized groups? lol

  11. we’re already seeing the effects obesity has on public health, mind you, from the times when everyone agreed obesity was bad, imagine in the future how many people will die prematurely or get horrible diseases bc they fell into this absurdity and stopped caring abt their health bc someone decided that u can be healthy at any size without any kind of evidence to back it up

  12. rice! the best food ever, such a shame it’s high cal

  13. I love Rue but sometimes she’s too goofy 😭😭😭 like the first time they went to Laurie’s house and they almost got killed and our girl was in the back of the car afterwards defending female thugs representation! like baby this is NOT the time, everyone is traumatized

  14. a candy is often depicted/used as a reward and to encourage good behavior, Rue felt like she was undeserving of help and good things after all the messed up things she has done.

  15. I like her even if she’s a bad person lol, I don’t defend her actions nor condone them, but she’s entertaining to watch.

  16. I don’t understand why people want to be oppressed so bad, or just say they are lol

  17. I’m too dumb to understand what stacking actually means in the game, can someone please explain in razor language?

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