1. "I got $25 bucks to blow in Vodkasodaburg"

  2. 🦅 ☁️ (edit: hello neighbor, I’m in jc)

  3. Asheville, NC here. I was introduced to Birdcloud by a friend. Still neighbors. :)

  4. Kind of unrelated, but you should check out pictures of the Lake Berryessa dam. It's terrifying.

  5. My wife and I were just contemplating why there's no kind of containment around it. (Fencing, a grate, etc...)

  6. They’ve got a thing for weak chinned buck toothed degenerates

  7. Not gonna lie, this was not a terribly uncommon occurrence in my circle when I was a teenager. That being said, I started dating my best friend's ex a bit after they broke up without talking with him about it and it ruined our friendship. She ultimately screwed me over, so I suppose I got my comeuppance.

  8. I feel like "I agree to disagree" is kind of the same point, but I hate saying it. When I receive criticism, I typically say "fair." I've accepted it.

  9. Your clothes don't determine your consent , as simple as that.

  10. This. Where I live, you could technically, legally walk around with no top on, period. That doesn't give anyone the right to assault you. I know little to no women that choose to though, because other people are assholes, unfortunately. I was just at the grocery and a dude walked in with no shirt on. No one cares about what he does.

  11. Especially when you've performed the song 100 times and your conscious mind is freed to people watch while your subconscious plays the song

  12. I definitely don't think about what I do at work anymore. I do my job well. I just listen to podcasts and zone out.

  13. With the right glasses and respirator and hood, all 3 will easily fit on your face. No compromises when it comes to your own safety

  14. I loved the way my '04 Toyota Matrix looked. Kinda sad I sold it. :/

  15. Every day, dude. I wake up extra early for work just so I can calm down. Once I get there, I'm fine, but I need like an hour and a half to chill/get ready. Sometimes it's a shower. Sometimes it's looking at reddit. Sometimes it's TV/a book/etc...

  16. Gaetz can suck a nut and fist a butt.

  17. I also was just scratching my head, like, "wut?" Haha. I've read all the books and seen all of the movies and the thought never crossed my mind that Hermione wasn't a girl?

  18. Chewbacca saw his best friend die and immediately went on a rampage, blasting multiple stormtroopers and then blasted the shield generator, like he's the main star of his own movie. Truly the the most hardass Chewie has been in Star Wars.

  19. He was pretty badass when he saved Han's son and got crushed by a literal moon in NJO.

  20. The hordes are basically a "unit" of runners. Easy to take down individually, but there are so, so many of them. The game itself though has several different enemy classes.

  21. The first time you take on a horde in Days Gone is pretty terrifying.

  22. My ex was the queen of vulgar and I loved it.

  23. That sounds like a lovely afternoon, to be honest.

  24. Men that get weirded out about buying tampons/pads. I’ve bought them for girlfriends, my wife, my mom, and female acquaintances. It just blows my mind how adult men can get so weirded out about a basic hygienic need. Grow up, man. It won’t hurt you to mature past junior high.

  25. Seriously. I honestly never got weirded out buying tampons/pads, or whatever. Same with talk about periods. Who cares?

  26. Accutane is, for me at least, the poster child of "what doesn't kill makes you stronger". Accutane is a GodSend for people that have some serious acne, it does wonder on the long term, but man is it a poison.

  27. It got me good when I was a teenager. Gave me terrible joint pain, and I would turn so red in the sun. You're right though. I stopped getting acne. ;p

  28. Agreed. Plus, I've never run a can filler that likes 16oz cans as much as 12oz.

  29. We have a Cask that came with a 12oz and 16oz twist rinse and we've literally never even used the 12oz one... It just hangs there mocking me.

  30. I feel that! Even with 12oz on the Cask filler at my old brewery though, I had nightmares about it breaking every single run, haha. I've been on Krones or KHS otherwise.

  31. A month and a half ago I was doing dishes and the sink started filling with water because you know my kids don't scrape their plates off. I poked myself under the nail with a knife reaching in there to scoop the gunk out. For the very rare infection called osteomyelitis and it mutated and antibiotics weren't working so yesterday we amputated the entire infected area

  32. Ouch. :( I got a pretty bad infection under my nail/around the side of one of my pointer fingers when I was a teenager. It started to eat the flesh. I'm very thankful antibiotics worked to heal it in my case. Best wishes to you, OP!

  33. Cost of living is high EVERYWHERE. Do these people think their situation is unique?

  34. These people? Cool, dude. How about everyone should get paid more everywhere, or rent should be lower everywhere? As one of "these people," fuck off?

  35. I'm upset about rent prices and cost of living as well. I'm with you, I want workers to get paid more. I personally feel in my job that I'm over-worked, under-paid, and we are under-staffed. But that's not my point. My point is that it isn't unique, and saying Asheville's problem comes from tourists, or whatever, is short sighted. I honestly hope that it gets better for you.

  36. It does though. There simply aren't enough jobs here that pay enough to accommodate for rising cost of living when you can't match what someone with out of state remote pay/other high end earners can drop in cash.

  37. a real good laugh. I mean a real, hearty, can barely breathe laugh. Sadly rare, though

  38. The first comment I saw, and that's all I need. A good laugh can seriously change my mood.

  39. Certain jobs. If you tell someone you’ve been a janitor for 6 years there’s a good chance their response will be a frown.

  40. I work at a brewery. Everyone wants beer, but no one gives AF about the people packaging it. Good people.

  41. Breweries don’t pay because it’s a title job. Get a job at a food plant and they pay better. I used to deliver the cleaning chemicals in a big rig. I also worked for Walmart supply chain. Those are big money jobs.

  42. Food plants certainly pay more. I'm a fairly clean cut dude working for a larger regional facility. I have a degree in fermentation science. I don't really understand why it's a title job, outside of the fact that people think it's "cool." I'm just trying to do my job.

  43. I was born in Raleigh, but my people are from upstate NY. I couldn't tell you exactly, to be honest. I guess my dad just got a job here when he left the Navy? (Early 90s.) I live in WNC now.

  44. I made it point to listen to American Idiot, so no, I suppose I'm not "America first." I am American. :p

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