1. Imo you're either a James or a Jim, no in between. I've never known a James who sometimes goes by Jim, they generally tend to commit either way (source:I know a James and a Jim)

  2. All the young dudes finishes at about summer of 1995, so theoretically you could read it after GoF.

  3. I hope you enjoy the main series and the fics! ATYD is one of my favourite fanfics of all time, I hope you like it as much as I did!

  4. I'd say ao3 just because I read ffn stories in the app and when I open them from this Subreddit it's on the website so it's a hassle to open them lol

  5. I would also reccomend this one! Really good father figure vibes, plus it updates like twice a week. It's so underrated!

  6. I think part of the reason his character has taken off so much is because of one fic(Choices) getting insanely popular on tiktok. Ever since that blew up, I've noticed wayy more fics featuring Regulus heavily in the marauders fandom.

  7. "ThunderClan, eh?" Minerva said, giving the orange cat in front of her a judgemental look. It sounded like a ridiculous club name some of her first-years would come up with.

  8. I broke my rule to never buy reddit coins just to gild this! Great job!

  9. Thank you so much!! A lot of people seemed to like this so I might reread a couple warrior cats books and upload more of these to ao3 sometime soon.

  10. I've been reading linkao3(A wizard in the family. Isn't it wonderful?)

  11. Probably the best Slytherin Harry I've ever read. He's not friends with Draco and Snape is still a jerk. Also there's a very special OC that's I absolutely love.

  12. I mean, I understand that Monét did likely win the LSFTC face off… but also… Ru did throw in that very important…

  13. What part of the episode did ru say that? I've been looking but I didn't hear it in any of the post lipsync stuff

  14. I hate hate HATE coconut! I tried a pina colada the other day without knowing it was in there and I couldn't get the aftertaste out for ages, it was terrible.

  15. Has to be Grant Chapman in All The Young Dudes. He's by no means a main character but I love his arc and his relationship with Remus.

  16. He's got one of my favourite fanfiction quotes ever, too.

  17. Now I'm imagining Jacob Rees Mogg with Lucius Malfoys long blonde hair(not a mental image I needed)

  18. Maybe he could be a Dominic Cummings type of adviser, too. Anything involving subtle power

  19. It's got a few parts which are sadder, but overall I found linkao3(

  20. I literally stopped watching straight after the episode where L died lol, to me that was always the main conflict of the show that I enjoyed so I didn't think there was much point continuing after it was resolved

  21. This was the first anime I ever watched, and I've never found one that I enjoyed watching as much as Assassination Classroom. What a show

  22. I love this so much!! Beautiful fanart! Honestly one of my favourite parts of atyd is its emphasis on music.

  23. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm about 8 chapters in right now, and I'm quite enjoying it so far. I'm curious, since you said you already got there, about when does the story shift over to Hogwarts?

  24. I showed her performance to my opera singer mother and she loved it! She's normally very picky as well, so Monet really slayed

  25. I've wanted to write a fic for a while with this premise! I think if they did raise him, Harry would have the Pureblood ideals they have, but simultaneously have an inferiority complex since he's a half blood. Could be interesting.

  26. I'm working on it at the moment! It's just not in an uploadable state yet, since I want to figure out the ending before I upload anything.

  27. Hi! You might already be doing this, but I find it helpful to upload new chapters of fics on some sort of schedule, and to put that in the description for your fic. For example, if you can update ones a week, put that you update Sundays in the summary. I'm more likely to click on a WIP if it's being updated regularly.

  28. This actually may faithfully reflect practice in the real English grammar schools.

  29. As someone who went to an English grammar school it does reflect this pretty accurately(particularly in all boys grammar schools from what I've seen)

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