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  1. If could be pests making the leaves sticky if you haven’t applied anything.

  2. You can also use garden ties by Velcro. It’s like plant tape.

  3. This is what I use. Tip - place the soft side of the Velcro against the plant.

  4. Almost 50k because the previous owners lied and covered up a lot.

  5. If you’re in the US, you can get some really nice ones on eBay. I’ve bought a few and had a great experience

  6. Okay so To be on the correct diagonal make sure to rise when your horses inside leg goes in front

  7. I’ve worn kerrits fleece lined breeches when it’s 20 or below, but always get wayyy too hot. I gave up on them.

  8. I use babe lash and thrive and have wondered this also. I’ve wondered if it’s because it’s so hard to wash off and are damaging my lashes?

  9. Oh! What are you using to wash off? Tubing mascara is known to some for the ease of removal. No eye makeup removes is needed.

  10. I’ve tried different face washes, makeup removers, eye makeup removers etc. I just find the Thrive to be more difficult than any other mascara I’ve used.

  11. Before use and after I’d say fairly normal. Not too oily or dry. Occasionally a blemish that haunts me or some dry skin, but not what I would call irritated.

  12. I believe that practice still does a rotation between all the doctors typically because you don't know who will be on-shift when you're giving birth, and they want expectant mothers to be comfortable with all the staff.

  13. Dr Allen is amazing. Really takes her time, never makes you feel silly for questions, really makes you feel heard and cared for.

  14. i know i was thinking to possibly help her sell it because it is so large it will hit the ceiling in most peoples homes we just have a room with high ceilings so we’re lucky but she wants to move soon. i’ve never seen anyone selling them so i don’t even know what it’s worth if anything

  15. For someone looking for one, they are worth it. Some are listed on Etsy for various pricing, some around 1k for smaller plants (not sure how many of these leaves are variegated)

  16. Lease fees are extremely common here in the Midwest for any horse that’s more than a backyard pet. It’s to account for the usage and wear on the horse. Plus your share (half or full) of the horses bills and your cost of lessons. That lease fee if it is for longer than a month seems pretty reasonable.

  17. I hate when I forget about these and lean too close with my own long hair 🥲😒😫

  18. Hi new friend! For skincare products with Ipsy, I always run them through the website “what’s in my jar” and do a quick google to try to get an idea if it’s a known brand/good product or something from Alibaba. I find it helpful for purchasing through sales or deciding if I want to use something in my bag. Welcome!

  19. At Disneyworld we saw someone changing their baby’s shitty diaper on a dining table. 🤢

  20. My SIL would let her bare ass toddlers sit in the kitchen table all the time or sit their wrapped up dirty diapers on them. She didn’t understand why I got so grossed out.

  21. Was it her house? Or at a different venue?

  22. It didn’t matter where. Her house, in laws house, we were on vacation all staying together and the kids ran around the house naked and would climb up on the kitchen table and sit. (It was weird to me in general the way they’d sit on the table or crawl around it, but whatever) She just doesn’t think it’s a big deal. At her own home, they’d sit everywhere with nothing on. I get toddlers sometimes don’t want clothes, but come on, at least a diaper and/or underwear.

  23. Sunburn, it also take time for the leaf to "heal" from the damage aka dry up. So it may have happened a week ago.

  24. I had to do this in my 20’s. Sold my pride and joy. My student loans came due, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find a job paying well enough to pay my bills and afford the horse. After maxing out my credit cards trying to hold on, the horse was sold. I sold her by word of mouth.

  25. Mealy bugs. My bird of paradise was infested with them too. I tried and tried to rid myself of them but no matter what I tried they kept coming back.

  26. I had the same problem with a large BoP. I even tried the granules. The nooks and crannies of this plant make getting rid of these very hard.

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