1. I would return the power supply. Gigabyte has a troubled psu history. Better to pay more for a reputable psu company like corsair or seasonic.

  2. This is nutty, makes me wanna attempt an SFF build, FOOKING brilliant, well done man.

  3. I personally wouldn’t want the longer SFX-L psu in my H2O. With 11L, you’ll want as much space as possible.

  4. I’ve had both (went from NR200 to H2O). I appreciate the flexibility and ease of building in the NR200 but felt the H2O was more premium and more SFF.

  5. It's not the gpu that gets hot, it's the cpu, because the aio sucks up the heat from the gpu while adding it's own. Gpu should be fine with just one mesh panel, leave them on both sides so the cpu has at least a little fresh air going in.

  6. If you’re using the latest Nvidia driver this is a common issue. Google “3080 display driver nvlddmkm error” and the next time you get a crash go into Windows Event Viewer to see if the system error code matches.

  7. I've gotten two nvlddmkm errors in the past 20 mins gaming. Trying to revert to PCIE 3.0 speeds and seeing if that helps. If not, I might just scrap the A4 H2O and go back to the NR200 :(

  8. Yes. go into your bios and force it to 3.0. The speed difference is not that great, and your crashes will go away. Risers are VERY sketchy with 4.0. They won't work with all cards and boards even when they supposedly support 4.0.

  9. What CPU? I had issues with the 5800X3D and riser.

  10. Yeah that’s exactly what happened with my 5800X3D. No issues until I used a riser. Ended up swapping cases between systems and the problems went away.

  11. I’m quite pro-dlss but seriously don’t give a single flying f*** about ray tracing

  12. Check, use the customizer, I think Geppettos senior sticks (Benn Pro, like a P90T) are lie 6

  13. My 3080ti/5600x rig is constantly frame dropping. Currently going from 200fps to 15 and everything in between.

  14. I’m running a 3080ti and 5600x. Never had an issue at 240hz 1440p at 200+ FPS.

  15. Any plans to do full white panels? Would love to do white panels on my black H2O

  16. I can get glossy solid white, matte white doesn't come in the thickness required.

  17. I have no experience with PSlate, but I got mine from DreamBigByRayMOD on Etsy. I have been very happy with them. Shorter cables will definitely make it easier to manage them. Shipping takes about 2 weeks, but the price will most likely be cheaper than PSlate. Just another option if you don’t find what you’re looking for!

  18. Don’t have the A4 H2O, but these are some lengths I have seen other people use:

  19. I appreciate the info. I see such great reviews for Ray and the shorter turnaround time + better pricing draws me to him. Thanks :)

  20. As someone who hasn’t really given AMD Radeon a fair shot (never really liked the adrenaline software), I am strongly interested in seeing what AMD brings. If they can get their prices straightened out (like the are now), they might have a new buyer.

  21. I just sold my Vision 3080 Ti, but it fits in the SSUPD Meshlicious. Also cools quite well since it sits right up against the mesh panel.

  22. I also had mine in the mesh before the nr200 and didn’t like it jacking my CPU temp up and exhausting hot air in my face

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