1. I finished tlk too and felt just like you and ppl recommend Vikings and I didn't like it either but tlk is different than Vikings, tlk is less brutal let's put it that way and Less realistic, but Vikings pace is slower that's why the beginning seems annoying but you gotta continue, I'm currently on s3, I love it, the friendships and familys remind me so much of tlk but it's more intense somehow, and it's history accurate so just continue, you won't be dissappointed (I think Vikings is somehow better cause they don't develop only the main character, it's a whole, in tlk I wanted so many characters developed but we didn't get it so if you are like me and likes shows that has a bunch of characters but they are all developed you'll definitely enjoy it) , and it's so fun to see tlk characters there and you realize their true story so it's very interesting! If you are still hesitant then I don't know, many commented Rome but I didn't like it at all, and it's really hard to have a show as good as tlk 😢

  2. I did too. I loved his demeanor, his voice, the character himself… all of it. Such a perfect foil to the impetuous Edward.

  3. If I remember correctly he has smth to do with ivar and I don't want to compere or anything but the eyes were the same, so intimidating, he was great 😭 the only dane leader I liked tbh except Ragnar ofc

  4. just reporting doesn't do that, PAC has to get to the report first. so if it's been reported and PAC has decided the report is valid as in the work breaks the terms of service, then yea they lock it so no one can access it. iirc the creator has a week to fix whatever the TOS violation is before the work is removed.

  5. I never thought abt a fic being reported considering almost everything is allowed on ao3 but thanks for the help and insight!

  6. Unauthorized translation & plagiarization are both quite common. As is using personal information without consent or making threats/harassment. Hell making content without valid contact information is cause to have works removed.

  7. Me tooo! I was sad for Luke for days, and then I rewatched the episode and I’m like, is Aemond hot? Could it be??

  8. Same girl same😭 tbh kinda hated him on ep8 and 9, Idk just was a full daemon girlie and then he gave us that Gucci coat and I fell in love, watched it again and almost slapped myself for not noticing this hotness 😭

  9. Don’t blame yourself babes, Aemond has that kind of stealth hotness, it’s not obvious at first (at least to me lol), but the more you pay attention to him, the more mesmerizing he looks.

  10. The one eyed prince, death of peice of mind and our love is buried like a bad of bones is good. Those all have alot of chapters but i also like a new one on wattpad called bloody web which isn't well known so the author is Dragon101writer. Also the dragon whisperer is really good on wattpad which is well known so it should come up :D

  11. Just went on ao3 to search them and I couldn't find them😭 can you dm me pls?

  12. Then I must be your grandma cuz that’s my husband 🫶🏼

  13. What can I say, a win is a win. Not really an official thing but still so proud of him and I'm sure next year will be great for him and he'll win some more ❤️

  14. Yup. It's not well known but it's still a start. I don't think big award shows would consider him to be a "supporting actor" in season 1, with only 11 min of screen time, but that's how much he impressed people.

  15. Yeah, that's why I said next year, but it's still impressive getting nominated and win for 11 min :)

  16. Reading y'alls comments on this is like y'all writing to a lost lover or smth, keep going, I'm smiling like an idiot and enjoying every single one of them :)

  17. If you think abt it, I feel like he should've been in the rising star category and Emma in the main characters but anyway I'm happy he got a nomination and very proud! Just had like 15 min of screen time this is insane! Best of luck!

  18. Really anything tbh, love your sub and keep going! Happy new year!

  19. Whoever voted for tom clearly hadn't watched the show, he said himself he couldn't find his way home... I think aemond has the most chances, Tom could charm his way out in some way but for me, aemond is like this kind of Tarzan kind of guy who knows his way around and can easily find food and a way home idk😂

  20. Totally forgot abt osferth but he wouldn't last a day, a bear will eat him 100%

  21. I agree with you 100%. I'm fully team black but team green is so interesting and intriguing, I love the characters so much more on team green and you put your thoughts and opinions in great words, and I can't help but agree, happy new year to you as well 🙏🏻

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