1. The foundation had a warranty, when I called them, they said they would come the following day but never came. I called them 2 days later and they said the company was no longer operating. So I called another company to come look. They were the ones that said it's a water drainage issue.

  2. Get another company out there to get their opinion, lawyer up, and don’t blindly trust the foundation company. They don’t want to fix the job because it costs them money, but legally you likely can make them.

  3. Learn hand signals and accept the fragile ego. This has helped my wife when I back up 100%.

  4. With most built in Elkhart Indiana they may be perfect at factory but get hauled cross country and alot of crap can shake loose on those rides

  5. This may be true for some things, but the overwhelming majority of things I’ve had to fix were the result of shoddy work. I fix the stuff myself because I know it’s the reality I live in, but I absolutely wouldn’t talk down on someone for expecting the $40k camper they bought specifically to travel with won’t fall apart on the road to the dealership.

  6. You updated your development environment and things broke so you spent the day fixing it

  7. Yeah… bitcoin wasn’t exactly obscure 8 years ago. I had my first mining rig 8 years ago, I just didn’t have the self control to hold on to what I made.

  8. I suspect that may be because there is no generic version. (The patent hasn’t expired). Take a look at GoodRx. They list most meds but their prices for non-generics isn’t that much better than regular pharmacy/insurance prices.

  9. Also check out copay assistance programs from the manufacturer of medications when you need a non-generic. These manufacturers want to make as much money as possible, but they’re often willing to sling drugs at a steep discount if the alternative is losing a patient.

  10. I was only heating 2 bedrooms. I thought maybe that would be cheaper than heating the whole house with natural gas. Turns out heating the whole house with natural gas was half the cost of 2 small space heaters.

  11. Again, you’re comparing a very high efficiency residential natural gas furnace to a very low efficiency RV propane furnace.

  12. Well you were saying electric is more expensive to heat an RV because it’s more expensive to heat your house, and my point is that this comparison is a logical fallacy. Electric heaters in an RV makes more sense because RV furnaces use a more expensive fuel and are less efficient compared to the furnace in your home.

  13. Most mastery? Taking a legacy SPA and modernizing it. I have seen tons of codebases that needed it, and none that have had it done successfully. Heard it’s possible though.

  14. I only was able to qualify for my mortgage by telling them in addition to buying the house, I wanted to use the mortgage to pay off the student loans. It was totally worth it to me. It increased the mortgage payment by a negligible amount, and lowered my monthly burden by $800. The interest rate on the mortage was lower than the student loan rate too. In the end, I'm probably paying more money over a longer period of time, but the monthly burden is much easier to manage.

  15. How is that possible? The only times I’ve heard of banks giving out mortgages for more than the value of the home was for construction/repairs and when fraud is involved. Too late now, but I would have loved to do that when I refinanced (managed to time it at the bottom of interest rates)

  16. Like I said, I just don't know. I'm not a physicist. I don't know how or if momentum works in a vacuum.

  17. Oh, momentum is just mass multiplied by velocity, both of which definitely still exist in space.

  18. He has something attached to his right leg, looks like a rope or maybe someone is holding his feet, which is why they keep it out of shot

  19. Doesn’t really matter because this particular place is super safe and exactly why people visit, but attaching something to your ankle in rapids is also a really f-ing stupid thing to do.

  20. I can’t believe they have a productivity problem. If they have any problem it’s bad management. From what I see, they create too many projects and cancel them for weird reasons, then replace them with something from the ground up

  21. When isolated individuals have performance issues you can blame it on the individual but when entire companies start to have performance problems you have to start moving up the food chain to find what’s rotten.

  22. that's normal... it's called DOMS and it's the best feeling in the world

  23. I get it every time I take a long break from the gym. I, however, feel as though it’s debilitating. It’s the good kind of pain, but it’s intense for me. Doing a light workout definitely helps though.

  24. Pressure washing is just the first step. Just got my house painted, they spent 1 day pressure washing and 4 more days scraping paint and doing other prep work.

  25. If dipshit was still in office we wouldn’t only be confirmed to be in recession, it would be the greatest economic catastrophe to hit the United States since the Great Depression.

  26. You really think he’d admit the economy wasn’t doing good under him?

  27. What do you mean by big release coming up? Do you ship code iteratively? Sounds a lot like waterfall with all the scrum rituals.

  28. Honestly don't know why cyclists don't think red lights apply to them. Yeah I get you are smaller and more maneuverable, but same goes for motorcycles and you don't see them just casually blowing through red lights.

  29. There’s a couple things at play here (not saying any of this is right, just providing an explanation)…

  30. To be fair, these two things are perfectly consistent. Most car accidents I’ve been in the person at fault claims they weren’t at fault.

  31. You'd probably have to find someone willing to take you out. Almost every person I have introduced to the sport went and bought a starter set of discs that evening.

  32. Yeah, or check Facebook marketplace and get a few for cheap. If you don’t enjoy it, list them for sale for the same price you bought them.

  33. I would like to subscribe to more facts from you.

  34. Trivia comes from combining two Latin words tri meaning three and vium meaning road. In Roman times they would post the laws where three roads intersected. Over time as people lost respect for Roman authority they started referring to these rules (tri via) as useless knowledge.

  35. Hmm, that's a head scratcher. What must I do/Where can I go for more of your content?

  36. I mean, none of this stuff, but I do write about some things I learn on my blog

  37. There’s a lot of bad information in this thread and I need to clarify something:

  38. It’s absolutely not “depends” for me. I don’t want to track my hours and I want whoever is requesting the work to treat it like a profit center and not a cost center. If you’re paying a different company to build things for you, you’re absolutely treating it as a cost center no matter how big the project is.

  39. Yes you are obliged to pay him, the timeframe is irrelevant. Doesn't matter if he bills you 12 days after the job or 12 months, you still have to pay. Legally, depending on the amount, he can go after you in small claims, sue you and/or put a lien on your house.

  40. How would one go about protecting yourself moving forward? I’d rather wait a year than have a half finished project for that time. Do you just have to accept that a contractor can leave a project incomplete and come back years later expecting to finish the job?

  41. In shock? I felt of my chair! To be honest what scares me the most is the 178.789 WEEKLY downloads.

  42. Give it a couple years and we won’t even need to write code anymore. Just add the right combination of libraries to implement whatever feature you need.

  43. In addition to the missing deflopilator, your handlebars are in an extremely awkward position. I would rotate them away from you a bit and if you need them lower then do that on the headset. Your hands shouldn’t really be twisted up to squeeze the brakes.

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