1. Back in 2007 when I was about 9. Watched it every weekday on Cartoon Network here in the Philippines. It was all me & the boys would talk about at school back in the day. Used to Naruto run around the hallways and get scolded by our teachers 😅 Gooood times.

  2. Still think about this to this day. I have a theory that Tobi was meant to be Madara, then they did a last minute retcon to make Obito Tobi. Lol just a possibility I think about sometimes

  3. Kamui would end them both in a second but unfortunately Kakashi didn't have kamui back then so I guess Z & H destroy him

  4. The filler wasn't helping it at all but it could be skipped if necessary. Personally I felt it was too long, couldve been trimmed down a bit maybe

  5. I dont think it's a mess but it is quite upsetting seeing Naruto and Sasuke lose all these battles they would have otherwise won in Shippuden

  6. Knowing Brothers’ EXO episodes is what turned me into a full blown Exo-L. You can see their wittiness and charm and just laugh out loud from their antics. I love them so much!!!

  7. Thank you for this! 😊 I haven't seen "It's Okay That's Love" yet but I'll start it as soon as possible! 😊

  8. Hey there, welcome to the fandom!! 😊 Everyone has given such good recommendations, you already have so much to watch! I hope you enjoy your journey through getting to know exo better~ I always say if I could go back and rewatch everything for the first time, I would do it in a heart beat lol!

  9. Hello! 😊 There's alot to watch but I don't mind since I love them so much! Thank you for this info, this is really helpful! Will definitely check this out. Thank you once again! 😊

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