1. Herion is the beat high ever I've only done a couple times smoked it off tinfoil all the times my homie was the plug got real clean pure h shit actually tasted good high was so good I had to stop doing it

  2. Yeah that’s some of the only shit keeping me sane some days

  3. too bad they're so delicious because that is some hilariously relatable behavior

  4. After years of working with raw chicken, I cannot eat it anymore. Especially mass-produced chicken is so freaking disgusting. Slimy, diseased filth, it smells so bad...

  5. I looked at your profile, because I thought I also recognize the arch. Definitely know the neighborhood.

  6. The person who made the book nook pattern is up in Ogden I believe, so they're local if you want to do it. Just a ton of time waiting for glue to dry

  7. The funny thing is, this post is hilarious. Just not for the reason that OP posted it for...

  8. You so triggered by a meme and can't deal with it like a grown up

  9. I normally really really really like these rock rolling down a hill videos. But that tree was beautiful.

  10. Oh please… Why did I know I’d find some Karen esque comments on this video. Their just having fun! I totally endorse it. Shame that the tree got rocked but honestly if it were me I’d probably be rooting for the same thing, although I wouldn’t intentionally dislodge a rock to destroy a tree though.


  12. I guess I didn't realize we were talking about the entire history of every movement of anarchists. I was mostly talking about U.S. based modern anarchists.

  13. Entire history, 3/4 of the events I spoked about happened in the last three months in Italy… I gave you facts about the actions of anarchists, you can say what you want about anarchists being good guys but the evidences prove the exact opposite and no, “Most anarchists I know” isn’t a reliable source

  14. Do you have any links that aren't from those two sites? I am on a 48 hour shift right now, I will have time to go over this better in a while.

  15. Just wanna say good on you for getting clean! I am 2 1/2 years clean from meth, and 2 years off heroin! I am sure your kids are very happy to have their father more than they had him when you were using.

  16. Yes! You are correct. Not enough FAE and def went too long. They were small so I wasn’t sure. But I’ve not seen this happen before.

  17. Fresh air exchange. Using methods to circulate O2 and get rid of CO2 that can sit on the mycelium (fans, etc).

  18. I know they are planning to raise the retirement age by two years. Not sure that’s taking their money and I’m sure that it’s not a crime

  19. So you can't retire and get support(money) for another two years, and they need to continue to pay taxes? How is that not taking money away from people?

  20. Do not ingest a plant based on information provided in this subreddit.

  21. Nah, it's racism. Otherwise tell me why you guys always ask "but where are you really from?" to Brits that for you are not the "right" skin colour. You just want to have the alure of having (mostly white West European) ancestry. Ancestry is meaningless. If you gonna be proud of something be proud of your actions, not the random genes you have or the patch of land you were born into.

  22. Because you want to be anything but American?

  23. I have a theory that it's because deep down we feel like we don't actually belong here. Because of how our ancestors, you know, murdered a bunch of the people that lived here and took their land...

  24. They are funny. Carter always sleeps with his head hanging off his dog bed.

  25. I love it. My guy (Gabe, kept his name) is so freaking cuddly. Best buds already. :)

  26. Jordan Peterson needs to go back into that fucking coma

  27. oh man, i actually love that vegan “jerky” ahaha 😅 very cool find! it’s usually so pricey in the stores so i can never get it there!

  28. Omg, right? I eat vegan and miss jerky. I have been glad to have this, and I think it's good honestly. Not like real jerky, but still good.

  29. I may not be the brightest person in the world but the vast majority of people in the world have only one poop chute, but if you have more than one, I highly suggest being seen by a medical professional

  30. I went through a very similar path growing up. Was put into a religious lock-down facility in Utah (West Ridge Academy, formerly The Utah Boys Ranch).

  31. Dude, where’s the hate from insect eggs coming from? Insects are a hell of a lot less dangerous to humans than, say, other humans, and on a sum, provide a net positive for the environment whereas humans clearly are a net negative.

  32. People really should get out of the habit of using 'pussy' as a derogatory term.

  33. I agree with you, especially having 'pussy' mean 'weak', but we do also use 'dick' as a derogatory word.

  34. I was assuming that alcohol would be sold there in Canada also during that same period.

  35. Not your place from 2002 but don’t miss Cafe Anh Hong in Sandy. Nothing the least bit fancy but authentic and delicious. Dim sum and other Cantonese goodness.

  36. It's now on 13th E in Sandy but when first dined there '93/'94 was another spot. Will have to ask in-laws where the old spot was. First time trying HK-style ribs and was instantly smitten. Many other delicious dishes since.

  37. Yeah, that was by my house as a kid, around those same years. First place I ever had Chinese food. I loved that place!

  38. Texas toothpicks are what came to mind.

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