1. I have the exact same issue is you mate, I got no solution. If you do find one pls lmk asap

  2. Where did you get this footage from?

  3. I haven't done the boss again so I'm unsure if it changes every time you fight him.

  4. Dm me on Twitter to prove that you did it @ilyas21ii

  5. Nah its not every time you get his health down by 15% it warps you to another boss just completed it

  6. I guarantee by the end of today or Tuesday we'll start seeing leaked footage.

  7. I swear if the game doesn’t have any cg cutscenes…

  8. I mean in the actual game, this could easily just be promo just like the others

  9. Wait a sec , is this actually matt or a troll account

  10. Bro, I’m the guy who Matt interviewed…

  11. Okay I'm very interested in what you said about the difficulty at round about the 18 minute mark because I've heard a lot of contrasting thoughts on it, like how it apparently only affected enemy health. Are you saying that hard mode tangibly made enemies more aggressive?

  12. was the bounce bracelet like a stomp then a jump? Or was it like SA2 where you turn into a ball and bounce


  14. There’s 2 different bounce attacks in the game

  15. Looking forward to the egx coverage. I feel like it's the first time we're gonna get some real English speaking impressions that aren't journalists fluff

  16. Can anyone tell me if the playable games are only on Thursday!? Or all weekend long?

  17. Here you can see there’s the trophies visible for the people there, there will be people there who will take close up pics and post online soon.

  18. No need to guess. They said it's going to be shown in October.

  19. Okay, if they truly do continue the Frontiers format for the next decade.

  20. Don’t max turning speed , it’ll be like turning like how it was in 06

  21. Don’t max turning speed , it’ll be like turning like how it was in 06

  22. Brain Shea from Game Informer said that there's a CGI cutscene at the very start of the game showing what happens to Sonic and the crew and how they got to Star Fall Islands.

  23. Is the Eggman AND Sonic, Amy n tails all CGI, or just the eggman part

  24. I don't understand this question entirely but I'll try and answer it to the best of my ability.

  25. Can confirm it’s CG, the in game cutscenes have black borders on them, CG ones are full screen. Out of all the CGI-possible cutscenes, the one with Big is worthy one

  26. Yet we see no CG cutscenes.. acc disappointed tbh

  27. Not every cutscene needs to be CG. It is confirmed that the opening cutscene is CG and I have a feeling that the CG cutscenes will be saved for the major story beats

  28. But we’ve seen non in these demos…

  29. Well as I’m going myself, I want at least 2/3 hours of uninterrupted game time. And I want to play a demo that doesn’t hide any of the game for the first 2/3 hours and include ALL the elements that the final version game has to offer too.

  30. Nah, I got early entry ticket where I get an extra hour for my play through, so I’m already playing 1 hour at least

  31. Forces model just needed functioning animations and needed to be more expressive

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