1. This is the current anti gun playbook. They’ve lost in legislation and now lost in the courts. Their only winning area is public opinion (kind of) and shady back door deals with banks and law firms to stop supporting gun companies.

  2. I know I'm just a drop in the ocean but personally if any of my cards/banks denied a legal firearm/ammo/accessories purchase I'd drop them/the card immediately.

  3. Right. But what happens when it’s all of them? There’s only so many issuers.

  4. That's the beauty of a free market. Someone will see the financial opportunity of being the only bank / card issuer allowing gun transactions. Unfortunately, that may come at a cost to the card user.

  5. Ah poorly reasoned yes because the supreme court ruled that the corrupt way the left leaning courts deem constitutionality is no more. I always trace down sources when statistics and claims are made. Usually it's either a dead end, a horribly unreliable biased source, or they manipulated the hell out of the source. Vox doesn't fit into any of these, they don't even try putting sources down with a lot of their claims.

  6. The funny part is she voted for nationwide concealed carry in 2012

  7. Someone should whisper in her ear "if all those victims were armed, they might not be dead"

  8. AK-47 -Simpler overall design, cheap manufacturing, simplicity means overall better reliability.

  9. Butter tends to loosen the whirly dirly up. Apply stick directly into running dirly.

  10. Vox is probably tryna recruit whoever wrote all this misleading garbage.

  11. Kinda similar to saying we should ban condoms because of rapists. NYS logic is more tangled than my apple wired headphones were when I was a kid.

  12. Well, this is what happens when politicians legislate based off of firearm knowledge from movies and TV shows.

  13. I like when they do these and they find out hard it can be. Or they get denied lol

  14. That really old one of the journalist trying to prove how easy it is for a teenager to buy a handgun so they drive him to Cabela's and he comes out with a bolt action hunting rifle because he wasn't old enough to buy a handgun. They then drive over to the police to have the rifle destroyed while high off their wokeness from "getting one more gun off the streets". I can't find it but the YouTuber Liberty Doll made a video of it.

  15. People who don't have stable mental abilities should not have access to guns.

  16. And with that mentality is how we've gotten to this dark place in hell here in NY where you can get denied for a pistol permit for having ADHD or anxiety/depression when you were 14.

  17. I don't understand why so many are questioning the idea of making schools more secure places to send their children for 8+ hours away from their supervision and safety...

  18. Here in NY, we just got bent over and railed with a plethora of new gun laws, including making the same thing illegal four times over in separate bills, this is how chromosome hoarding our politicians are here. The Republicans pushed a bill requiring armed police at schools and it got shot down by every democrat. I think the Democrats make fun of it because it's not the solution to the overall goal they want. They just want guns banned. I've never met someone who wants to actually give guns to teachers but instead would just like to let those who want to conceal carry be allowed to. Yet the left manipulates the hell out of this and makes people believe we want to forcefully give every teacher a gun. The 2A is a threat to those in power as it was designed to be and the public supporting them are brainwashed enough to think we'll live in a perfect utopia one day.


  20. Have you never taken a class in a university? Using Wikipedia for your source... Good God damn.

  21. There aren’t even hundreds of thousands of gun related deaths each year in the US, and 60% of gun deaths are suicides, look up statistics before you shoot your mouth off

  22. When we'd save thousands of children by swimming pool fence, genetic testing, or cancer screening laws... BaN tHe GuNs Bloomberg writes check for 60 million dollars for anti gun organizations

  23. Liberal being unfortunately the defacto term for leftist/ authoritarian right political ideology. If only we could go back to the true libertarian definition and the government could fuck off.

  24. It seems a vast majority of Americans aren’t die hard for either side and that’s the most disappointing thing about the two party system. It’s always one of those sides when it should really be something in the middle. That’s the only way you can unite a country as diverse and huge as America.

  25. If it were possible to remove the money from politics the two party system would evaporate rapidly. It's unfortunate how many people in the U.S, as well as much of world, don't actually understand their true political identity. If people truly did here in the U.S, they'd come to realize the Republicans and the Democrats are different sides of the same nasty authoritarian coin.

  26. The electric ones are pretty nice. But you run into a lot of charging issues.. And they seem to have random proprietary chargers that change every few years.

  27. My upper level undergrad courses had a bunch and only about 3 worked out of the dozen we had. also see people complaining about what undergrads did to the dollar store suckers. What I saw happening to the electric pipettes were war crimes.

  28. The cop making the illegal left turn on green is the icing on the cake.

  29. My android was $1200... and I've been told that I'm "broke" for having it a few times.

  30. I have a fold 2 I bought at launch and I've been called poor. Sorry that when I spend a lot of money I actually want technology that's worth what I'm paying.

  31. Thats what happened in Australia and was wildly succsful. Research. You don't do any

  32. Lol I don't think you even have the remotest idea how many guns they had before their bans. We have over 615 times what they have and you're very clearly an ignorant drone parroting what you read on the internet or Google instead of actually responding with proof, data, or statistics to make a point. Also they weren't. Their suicide rates spiked the years after the ban happened in 1996. Proof below. Their homicide rate slightly increased immediately after their bans but mainly remained unaffected. The U.S homicide rate has been steadily declining since the 1970s.


  34. People in the U.S argue guns are a greater cause of suicide. Absolutely moronic statement when many nations have staggering high suicides that don't involve firearms. The link you posted is mostly focus on the year range of 2002-2016 not from the prior to 1996. I also wonder why they didn't include 2001, maybe the massive crime/homicide spike they didn't want to include. Also it's a .com website, have you never taken a research class in university? Regardless, at least in this case I could track down the NCBI article for the only small paragraph that takes about a date range of 1979 to 2013 show a reduction of 3.2 per 100,000 down to 1.2 per 100,000.... Across 33 years.. pretty negligible, and a downwards trend pre existed to the ban. also these sources are absolutely seeping with bias. On another side nite the NCBI article states that mass shootings have stopped. Massacres still continued there, just mostly not with a gun and some more horrifying than a gun. One including intentionally light a hostel on fire.

  35. This is another good question. A friend of mine who is a gunsmith and retired cop, told me to apply for unrestricted concealed carry, so that in the case for bruen the restrictions get lifted I’ll have already applied for the unrestricted. Not sure if this is really the case or not but it was a valid point. I’m not sure that if it gets over turned that we’ll have to do anything as restrictions immediately become invalidated as unconstitutional. It will be interesting to see how counties handle it. I would think that they would just print us new ones without restrictions

  36. Reword the law and say they're constraints not restrictions and not change anything. Probably not gonna happen but I'm concerned the Supreme Court has let this state fall too far and now it's precedent that the constitution can just be ignored. As the list of unconstitutional laws here keeps growing.

  37. The pistol permitting system is colossally overburdened, unsurprising as New York brings things into existence without ever thinking about who's gonna pay for it and who's gonna build it. With the already about to burst pistol permitting system and now the about to be added weight for a rifle permit, I could see it taking years for someone to purchase a gun. And I'm sure the financial burden of the system will be placed entirely on us. I think I want to optimistic and think the supreme court might rain in at this point. New York was the first gun case they've taken in decades and now our laws just got worse, especially with them blatantly trying to work around their future rulings. A state trying to work around SC rulings, I would hope, should be major flashing red lights for the court. I have some hope.

  38. And the national archives probably have whiteout to make that pesky freedom to kill kids amendment go away

  39. Is is sickening that the only argument you people use is 'dead kids' 'kill children' ' massacre kids' first it's just emotional manipulation. Second, you ever start to wonder that maybe you people are the ones celebrating and praising this awful shit sense you guys don't stop talking about it. Swear to God the left views every shooting as a win.

  40. At least I don’t cheer when people are gunned down

  41. Says from the side who's main argument for gun control is "but the dead children."

  42. None of these are restrictions to limit them. They're all requirements to ensure their weapons work properly. "Powder of inferior qualities""uniform and standard of strength" "manufacturer may be advanced toward ultime perfection" did you even read this before sending it

  43. Its not my fault you cannot read to the end. Read §2 and §6. They are restrictions. Restricting what can be used to make and sell gun powder... IS A RESTRICTION. And it is a reasonable restriction in order to mitigate the harm that dangerous powder presented. How hard is it for you to understand. They are not going to look exactly like any regulations that might be talked about today because its 2022 not 1795 and there is a much more diverse set of firearms which exist today.

  44. Find in there what you think is a restriction that hinders their use of the weapon. Half of this source is their procedure to ensure their gunpowder is effective. You're comparing their methods to ensuring high quality gun powder for their citizens to our modern day magazine, butt stock, and weapon bans. These "restrictions" are not to hurt their use of the weapons but to ensure they work properly. Also section 2 is almost entirely their procedure for testing to ensure it's quality. Within the first few sentences they completely and clearly state that their goal is for "perfection." Or better yet, find another source that blatantly says they banned muskets with the goal of preventing civilian ownership.

  45. Not to mention Trudeau the other day when he was taking away Canadian gun rights for a "safe and secure society". And to make it even better in the video there was tons of thunderous applause from his government supporters.


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