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  1. You guys, I don’t see any among us comments. The only comments is see are ones complaining about among us comments

  2. Hi, i wanted to ask non related question! I'm guessing it's against the rules tolook for co-players, promote yourself or clubs in posts and comments, but i was wondering is there any specific place where we can do that? Like subreddit or discord maybe?

  3. How do you transfer gems again if a supercell game dies?

  4. They got it because they bought some packs or gems in the game, which honestly is unfair to people who are f2p when they basically just played this game and never even spent any money on the game

  5. “People spent money and gained gems which is unfair to people who didn’t” …

  6. Ah yes, this image was definitely not stolen from google

  7. Idk, it's reddit. Sometimes when people see a downvote they just hop on the downvote train for no reason. It's like a hive mind thing or something, lol

  8. No no, that guys was wrong, dirt doesn’t change anything

  9. Sure, but no one can deny that people legit downvote reasonable stuff all the time if it’s already been downvoted. I don’t downvote someone’s comment who’s trying to contribute to a discussion just because there’s some wrong information in their response.

  10. Well the rest of reddit is like this, this is the internet after all

  11. So yall call baby elephants and baby cows a calf?

  12. As you can see, very high quality and definitely well edited. But I guess this is what it would look like if I edited something

  13. I don’t understand commenters like you. You could have given constructive feedback and or ignored the post. I don’t know why you felt the need to comment something toxic under a random post.

  14. But for real, it looks like you randomly tossed brawlers into tiers

  15. You could have given constructive feedback instead. Toxic comments like this don’t help anyone.

  16. There’s nothing toxic about what they said, you have no understanding of the meta and yet you come here and post an incorrect tier list. What did you expect?

  17. Replace the "can" with a "could" I think it means different things doesn't it? I'm not the best at English grammar

  18. Correct, but for the sake of the joke I’m keeping it like it is

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