Thanks to an amazing support from this subreddit I found a publisher for my game, quit my job and started an indie game studio 😀 Today my game is going to be displayed at Gamescom. Here is the new trailer🕹


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  1. I ran the Mugen 5 rev.b on the same board with a 5600X. I originally used LPX memory for clearance. I used 2 25mm Scythe fans up top held by zip ties and no fan guards. I ran two slim Scythe fans on the bottom. For the cooler itself, I flipped it 180 degrees so that I could run 2 25mm Noctua Chromax fans on it in a push/pull config. I eventually changed coolers to the ID-Cooling 224 because I bought RGB memory and the Scythe wouldn't clear it. Hope this helps.

  2. You say you were able to run two two 25mm fans on the Mugen? That helps enormously. Thank you so much!

  3. As far as your memory goes, the only thing I can suggest is check the height of it and the LPX memory to see how they compare.

  4. ISDT developed the smart battery technology for Spektrum, if I am recalling my information correctly.

  5. Wow, I had no idea battery chargers were that advanced. Thanks for that.

  6. Are both your monitors wall mounted? Which mounts did you use? Cozy set up. Thanks.

  7. Thank you! The main monitor is mounted to the wall. I have a conduit in the wall to run cables to my amp that powers the in-wall speakers. The other monitor is on a cantilever mount from amazon basics.

  8. In wall speakers? I didn't even notice those lol. Thanks for the reply. Your set up is awesome, once again. I'd never want to leave that space.

  9. That is actually a good idea, I didn’t think of that, going to be watching some videos and trying to do that myself, thank you for the advice

  10. I agree with Miguel. Check out videos on deshrouding your GPU. You might need some splitters to plug the new fans into your mobo. You can also use FanControl to set the curve on the new fans.

  11. Small zip ties will come in handy because they allow you to hold cables to the case when you route them how you like. You can never use enough. Makes it easy to swap out parts later.

  12. What size and model monitors are those? Nice set up btw.

  13. Wallpaper Engine is an app that you can purchase through Steam. Very useful.

  14. Bought one a while ago. Any other suggestion on how to spend it? The main focus here right now is the PC. Any other peripherals are of low importance right now.

  15. Maybe a cooler for the CPU and fans for good airflow.

  16. For fans, you can't go wrong with Artic P12's. They're normally 5 for $30 on Amazon. For coolers, I would say just about any tower cooler should work fine with the 5600. You can even swap out the stock fan and replace it with one of the many P12's you got lying around. Also, maybe pick up some 4-pin PWM fan splitters.

  17. Just something I'd like to add because I use the same board. I originally had a Mugen 5 rev.b in there. It was flipped 180° so that I could fit two fans in a push/pull config and it cleared the LPX memory fine. I ended up switching to the ID-Cooling cooler you mentioned when I installed some Corsair RGB memory because they wouldn't fit with the other set up. Temps stayed about the same on my 5600X. Hope this info helps someone.

  18. Thank you very much for the info, I appreciate it! Looks like I'll also wait for an SE224XT restock because it has such good price-to-performance ratio.

  19. No worries. I really like this cooler.

  20. Amazing looking build! I really mean it! One of the cleanest I have seen on the r/

  21. You should check out the Machines and More channel on YouTube. He's gone over the NR200 and its many variations extensively. His videos are kinda long but honestly they're worth watching. You'll end up wasting less time if you do. He goes over the best fan and cooler configurations for both the tempered glass panel and the mesh one.

  22. Beautiful set up. What's that wrist rest? Looks awesome. Is it acrylic or PC? Thank you

  23. Thanks! It came bundled with my keyboard. I believe it is machined acrylic and aluminum. Maybe here you can get more information if you are interested

  24. Thank you for that link. I was able to find the wrist rest by itself. Have a great one.

  25. Have you tried going into BIOS and setting your PCI-E to gen3 instead of auto? I think it recognizes the card as gen4 when you plug it directly to the mobo, but the riser cable is gen3 maybe. Do you know if it is?

  26. This was it! Apparently there are some weird issues around using a Gen3 riser cable with Gen 4 card and mono. Setting it to Gen 3 seems to have fixed the issue.

  27. Glad you got it sorted bud. I'd look into the

  28. I would swap out the CPU and CPU cooler. If you're looking to game at 1440p, the 5600 or 5600X is more than enough. I get about 120 fps at 1440p on Very High to Ultra settings with an EVGA 3080 FTW3 10GB and 3090 FE. The CPU you chose comes with integrated graphics and is 8 core. If you're bent on 8 cores, get a 5700X. It's dropped as low as $200 before. You can fit bigger coolers in your case to keep temps down.

  29. Thanks for the advice, this is very useful! I guess I forgot to mention in my post, I will also be doing content creation that involves video and audio editing. Thus the 32 GB of RAM instead of 16. With that in mind, do you still think I can drop down to the 5600 series?

  30. So as someone else mentioned, your CPU is Gen 3 PCI-E and if you are planning on using it for content creation, I'd say rework your build. I would still go with the 5700X for the lower TDP and its performance is almost on par with a 5800X, while running cooler. As far as CPU coolers go, you have lots to choose from. Scythe Mugen 5 rev.b is a good starting point. Your PSU is fine btw. I see you changed your memory. For M.2 SSD's start with Crucial P5, Western Digital Black, and Samsung EVO line. See which ones for your budget. Honestly, if you check out the

  31. Is this happening in games that use Unity Player? Do you have XMP turned on? If yes to both, try to turn off your XMP profile and see if the problem is still there.

  32. what is it with the aorus pro ax that necessitates you to flash the bios 5 times a year? legit curious here.

  33. Just my luck I guess. First time was my fault. I built it with a 5600X and a 3070 TI FE but didn't update BIOS first so I had no display. I used q-flash with everything installed and it updated. Then I started getting the issue where my WiFi and BT stops working. Fully powering it down would make it work, but after a while that didn't work anymore. This was on F15. I tried F16b but my RGB strip would stay on when I turned off my PC. I also had to download and install the WiFi drivers from Intel. Just something about Gigabyte boards. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones and don't have these issues.

  34. I see.. I don't use wifi and rarely use Bluetooth device, so maybe that's why I don't experience the problem..

  35. Maybe that's why. I try to have the least amount of cables on my desk. I'm using the Phanteks strip. It's controlled using RGB Fusion because it wouldn't show up on OpenRGB. Overall, I like the board but those issues have me looking at ASUS's itx B550 board. Just tired of having to deal it.

  36. It happened to me on version F16b. Going back to F15. This issue has happened to me 4 times in the past year, just FYI. Twice powering down and trying the method above worked, and the other 2 I had to reinstall bios.

  37. Wireless mechanical 10key for the win. There when I need it, yeet it to the shelf when I don't want want the extra space. Also keeps typing/mouse space closer and cleaner and fully adjustable due to being able to put the numpad anywhere I want

  38. Which one do you have? You had me at wireless. I've been hesitant to get one because I don't want any cables on my desk. Daily has been Keywalker 68 and Logitech GPW for 2 years now. Thanks.

  39. Ah, thanks, good shout. I've got the Seasonic 850 gold, which only has two. Didn't expect to need to upgrade that so soon.

  40. You'll be fine if using two PCI-E cables. You'll have to use the pigtail of one of them for the third 8-pin on the GPU. Currently running an EVGA 3080 FTW3 with an SF750.

  41. Can someone tell me if I should buy this or a different ITX board for my NR200P build? Seems they all go for at least $200, and there aren’t massive differences between x570 and b550

  42. I have the B550i Auros Pro in my NR200 and after looking at this board, I think personally, it would come down whichever is cheaper if it's going to be used in a gaming build. I think if I decided to upgrade my 5600X, I'd go for this board just for GP.

  43. I don’t! I just added the 180* adapters, and then ran the cables straight from the GPU to the PSU after looping them in the back/underside of the case.

  44. Hey man, thanks for replying. Yeah, that's what I'm doing right now but would really like shorter cables. I think going with 3 PCI-E cables at a length of 10cm each should be fine. It would be awesome if I can find one that looks like the 24 Pin connector. Have a great one.

  45. Your game looks amazing! Good luck.

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