1. Please get a scale, get testers also. Be safe and enjoy in moderation

  2. i’ve been looking around for a tester just to see how pure it is just for shits n giggles but can’t find any really

  3. Bunkpolice is really decent they’re usually at festivals giving out free testers so check the website.

  4. Considering I’m the craftsman for this business you could of just DM’d us and asked 😂🤣

  5. Sorry - sites like the one your table is listed on I typically would not reach out to them or directly to the maker, as I would expect either spam or a non response. Thanks for your reply - any insight you could drop on me would be awesome.

  6. A lot of folks think MC8 is huge business but it’s small. From what I’ve learned but at one time it was 6 craftsman, and went down to 3 and then Covid brought it down to 2 plus the owner. (Lumber prices were horrible)

  7. Is something different with my game, anytime I do a expedition I turn of and disconnect from the internet and I don’t gotta deal with them(all the messages and bases that make it so you can’t put one down).

  8. Bro I’m a Klutch fan and got some small buds recently with the apricot gelato. Stop being an ass

  9. Funny to search the business you’re a craftsman for and see stuff like this 🤣😂

  10. So we did end up getting that table because it's just so beautiful. However it's definitely not wide enough and people bonk feet all the time underneath it.

  11. What size did you guys get? I just had a thought today to search the name and was surprised! Apologies for the randomness

  12. Can’t you just turn off multiplayer so none of those bases show up? That seems to work for me especially during the expedition runs

  13. Heat plate for 30-1min(microwave wattage varies so start low) till it’s hot. Make sure it isn’t so hot you can’t hold it. Add product crush and break down

  14. Just my opinion, meigs county is one of the most underrated growers in the program.

  15. It’s because in the first 1-2 years or etc they had countless bad cures, dust dry buds(even tho they looked pretty) etc so it isn’t that it’s underated it was people were sick of hoping they wouldn’t get a dry batch or etc. Recent purchase of LMNT I got wasn’t bad or dry tho

  16. It’s all good! . Imma give them a chance again today since they’re on sale at the botanists.

  17. nobody said I was overly impressed. I simply post here in case others wanna see before they buy

  18. very minimal smell. nothing noticeable. light pine/cinnamon taste.

  19. Tried meigs version and Woodward’s version and the latter made me realize what I was missing out. Going to give meigs SS again and see

  20. They way tik tok is going, I’m sure they’re going to find a way to take a butt bong hahaha

  21. I got it on PS5 already, why are they treating my Xbretheren like second class Travelers?

  22. Yeah, got it on sale at strawberry fields today and it was still pretty expensive lol. At least they did a great job or would’ve been salty

  23. Like everything in the world it’s all due to personal preference friend. No matter who argues what in the sub

  24. I’m a 7” but soft can be like 1”. I kid you not. Absolute telescope dick.

  25. As a man I didn’t realize some dudes are that sensitive Jesus. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve been on SSRI’s most my life but it takes me a bit to go

  26. This is good to know cuz every bag i got (about 5) a year and a half ago was dry and grinded to dust

  27. Idk how they was a yr ago but every jar had a boveda pack aswell dk if they have always done that but they have since I've been in the program bout 7months

  28. Yeah same it would have one but it would be crunchy the pack. I feel like their jars didn’t have good seals

  29. I’m always very weary as when it first came out I got dry no smell buds but maybe I’ll try agakn

  30. Umm you know one of the lesser known ones

  31. The people who always make an ass of themselves always delete their comments

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