Found out my friends introduced me to my girlfriend as joke, they've all slept with her before. I'm incredibly shocked and don't know what to do

I'm in this with you.

This hits me right in the feels

I needed this today

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  1. If you work full time you should be entitled to a living wage. No exceptions. If you can't provide a living wage to your employees, you shouldn't be in business.

  2. Exactly. If you can’t pay a living wage, there sure as hell should not be any profits to be had. But you’ll see 6 figure or more employers raking all that in for themselves (even in small businesses). Then they turn around and say they don’t have the money to pay decently….they only “don’t have the money” because they expect a certain profit margin and expect that margin to increase yearly. I don’t see a is a good reason for profits, especially in a small business that has no shareholders….if the profits are not going into expansion or wages. If they go disproportionately to the owner or manager, the business is stealing wages.

  3. Take it from the rich. Take it from the companies. It has to be taken from profits and bribes.

  4. It's not under the current system though. So you either need to remove it (in which case you have anarchy), or replace it (which means remove and replace).

  5. I’m not. I know enough to know where it should be coming from. Not enough to know how to get it most effectively from point A to point B.

  6. It probably is. Take it as a compliment, not a source of anxiety. I’m straight and have been approached and propositioned by gay men. I thanked them for the complement but politiely declined cause I don’t swing that way, and that was the end of it. Some were friends and remained as such.

  7. Trust your lawyer. If they tell you to take the deal, then take the deal.

  8. If your lawyer wants a deal, I suggest getting a new lawyer. Sounds like OP had a defense lawyer and the ex has a prosecutor. Often enough, the defense and prosecutor are pals and do each other favors. They both profit and make each others lives easier at the expense of the client.

  9. I believe they mean the ones who have been there longest have the most to lose and will resort to backstabbing pretty quickly. People going out of their way to backstab others so they look better in the bosses eyes.

  10. "Assholes can't get dates when women raise thier standards."

  11. Wait. I’m genuinely confused as to how that was the conclusion you drew. To me it seemed like the author was saying many men need to work on their emotional intelligence and that it should start in the home at a young age more often.

  12. Those guys were never your friends. You were a joke/prank to them and someone to manipulate for fun. You deserve better than them.

  13. If you do that to me I will drag out my time with current customer and then turn around and tell you, sorry it’s my break time

  14. That’s kind of the retail vibe. No one is paid enough compared to cost of living to even pretend to care anymore.

  15. Wow so you had to consistently work at double the current metrics to essentially get a pay on the back? You getting a piece of their year end bonus or are they going to pocket that themselves?

  16. A better job would definitely make your life easier. I live near Nashville and left target for a general labor job that paid significantly more and allowed me to make my own hours. It was a godsend. If you are near Nashville or a large enough city, look into production rigging. It has no experience needed and almost always pays above 20/hr and u make choose your own hours.

  17. Rigging for what? What should one look into exactly? Stage? Ships? Something else?

  18. You'd be surprised if you got to know me. If I get a sense someone is REALLY putting in the effort to better their lives I have empathy for days. But a person whining about being sold a worthless degree? No, no empathy. It's really easy to look up careers/pay for a specific degree path these days.

  19. And you’d be surprised if you got to know me as well. Yet you judge as if you know my situation. I havent actually told you my situation. We’re strangers on reddit, so genuinely not your business. But go ahead, keep spewing fox news talking points like you know of what you speak.

  20. Anyone can have a stable life here, I reckon. It's just not guaranteed to be fun or fulfilling. And I said I don't have empathy for smokers. I don't expect people to have empathy for my obese ass if I get diabetes. And yes high IQ has made my life easier. I can solve problems, I can be a leader. Guilty. I can still expect better from fellow humans.

  21. That depends on a lot of factors. Partly cost of living in what ever area you are in. The sad thing though is a household used to one on one full time salary. Now median income is only about 65k per household. Not per household. Per household. Most households have at least two incomes these days so we’re talking the average person just scraping by 30k a year. The. Taxes take a chunk out of that. So we’re talking a situation where far too many people are in the 20k-30k range. I’m not saying any 4 year degree should net you 100k with no effort, experience or skill, but 20-30 is unlivable in so much of the country. Thus it is a problem.

  22. Adjusting encounters to “counter” your players is some of the worst meta gaming and DMing you can do.

  23. Its less about countering your players and more about making sure they all get to be part of the encounter and knowing how to build encounters. The game isn’t meant for 1 solo monster.

  24. No, this is not a linear game, it's the DM wanting the party not to go through the portal and trying their best to have them fail. I mean, they rolled, it was a "perfect throw" as the DM asked, and they came up with a shitty reason for it not to work at all. At that point you could just say no, you can't try, it is too far away. What was the point of the roll if not to give a chance at success? At least have them manage to do what they wanted, secure the hook, and then work from there to create a challenge in order to try and stop them from going through the portal

  25. The next part being through the portal is linear. Success seemed to mean the hook went through the portal. It sounds like fail would have meant the hook missed and something else closed the portal. Either way, the next zone involved the portal so that was a fixed event.

  26. So, you admit there would have been no difference between a natural 1 and a natural 20, or anything in between. Not only that, but it seems that, since you hit an ally, who is probably at least injured now, a complete miss would have been a better result. Therefore, why have the player roll if you are not willing to give them something when they roll good? I am not saying they should be able to get through the portal, just that the decision was bad, because it turned a good roll into one of the worst possible outcomes: "You are so good you become bad" is a common mistake that should be avoided

  27. Yeah that is what I was saying. The DM essentially saying “This major event is happening whether you want it to or not. Any check you make flavors how it happens, not if it happens” is perfectly fine.

  28. Landlords don't create a housing shortage at worse they move home purchases into rentals which creates affordable housing for people even poorer. The problem is zoning laws which restrict development. The easiest way to get good prices you need oversupply for the upper-middle through lower-upper class which pushes homes to the middle-middle which then floods .... Alternatively a lot cheap duplex style homes but those can be in pretty rough shape in 40 years so you need to make sure you'll be able to tear them down rather than that becoming a slum.

  29. Are you suggested the issue is not people and companies buying up multiple homes or homes in bulk? To then keep some and rent out others, using homes as investments instead of being a societal right?

  30. Don’t give me a pizza party or “shoutouts.” Give me more damn money.

  31. First dates should not be shallow or petty. Being shallow and petty is being a dick. Not knowing someone is not a reason to be a dick.

  32. Said dating apps are shallow and designed to make money, not to connect people so they are irrelevant. Attraction is important for sure. You didn’t have to be physical in any way shape or form. You didn’t have to show particular interest or go on a second date. Dipping halfway through is ok if you feel unsafe or don’t feel well. Not liking someones current job (many people do not have good jobs right now or at some point in life) is not a good reason.

  33. He's just as much Bane as Paul Dano was the Riddler.

  34. They took different amounts from the various pieces of source media for those two character…but I wasn’t talking a out that riddler imagining. I’m talking about this Bane imagining.

  35. You could say similar things about Phoenix’s Joker in the 2019 Joker film

  36. I’d be inclined to say that from what I know ofnit so far. I can’t really make an informed comment there though, because I’ve never seen that movie.

  37. Can’t enforce a rule if everyone is diligent and successful in ignoring it!

  38. He may not let you take a full impact from the fall. He’ll just drop you from high enough to end up a quadriplegic.

  39. Medicare insurance sales. If you have a license in one state you will get 3-5 calls a day right now to help cover open enrollment.

  40. Has the job model for this changed in the last few years? Pre-pandemic, I knew of a call center that did medicare sales. People had to make like 200 outbound cold calls per day from purchased lists of. People turning 65.

  41. As a cca/rca/ whatever career path you choose you will have overtime. You are cheaper then regulars so they use you. Your schedule will be all over the place. If you are looking for a normal 8 to 4 30 that will not happen until you make regular. Making regular can take years.. I do not think it is the job for you.

  42. You sound like a bad or delusional recruiter then. I’m not applying for a job because I want to labor away at a company. I’m applying because I have bills to pay. Simple as that. I could be working almost anywhere. A company is not doing me a favor by interviewing me. It’s a transaction. Money for hours of my life.

  43. you are crazy. save the comp questions for the end of the the 1st convo that's it.

  44. Maybe so, but I’m also correct. A 30 minute conversation can easily become a 2 minute conversation if the money is not right. Then the recruiter and I can get on with our lives. If the job can’t pay my bills, we don’t need to speak.

  45. Uh, these last 12 years HAVE been the hard time, and there has been very little to move up….hence why people move out instead. I think the writer for this must have not actually been awake for the last 12 years.

  46. I work in the trades and have 11 years experience. We have a huge shortage of workers right now. I went from $13 an hour 4 years ago to over $30 an hour. When people contact me for a position they are usually offering above what I make because demand for younger experienced people is getting harder and harder to find. Im in the millennial age range and know how much schools pushed college on us and portrayed jobs without a degree as never being financially stable. Which has now created a void that helps me make the money I do. I know this isn't the case for everyone in the job market. But to the OP post, there's no reason they couldn't have worked somewhere like Amazon flex while waiting for a response from the place they applied to.

  47. Trades seem a bit different. For those of us who ended up with pretty generic liberal arts degrees due to not being able to afford grad school…others got guided towards getting any old degree in order to get a, “ok” paying office job…..we’re not in a good place.

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