1. This is just nitpicking but I wish people would use the term "science demonstration" rather than "science experiment" for this kind of thing. Experiments are about testing a theory, demonstrations are just showing off a cool chemical reaction or whatever.

  2. Bro just shut up. You clearly are triggered that I do not respect your internet GF. I get it she is pretty but she is a idiot who lumps whole ideologies together for a quick buck.

  3. You ever wonder what the dead bikers of yesteryear would make of their modern day brethren who go out of their way to spit-polish cop boots?

  4. My boyfriend is watching through it right now, and he described it as Twin Peaks for kids.

  5. Exene Cervanka from X is a 9/11 Truther and anti Vaxer.

  6. Ah yes, the good old days when men didn't care what other men wore. Like in 1922 when riots broke out because some guys decided to wear the

  7. Did the "fucking hot bitches" part not give you a hint? 😂

  8. It was the ranting about degeneracy for me. Never met someone preoccupied with degenerates who turned out to be a normal person.

  9. Not even joking, I watched 2 families with kids under 10 walk out after maybe 10 minutes of the film Bruno. I just thought it was really incredible that they ended up in that theater like what was the thought process there??

  10. “The kids should like this, it stars the guy who does the voice for that funny lemur in the Madagascar movies!”

  11. I recently watched The Devil's Rain (1975) and on a whole the movie is pretty meh, but the last 10 minutes is basically just 10 minutes of people melting in gruesome 1970s practical effects and it kinda made up for the rest of the movie

  12. If you like practical 70s melting fx, I can’t recommend Les Raisins de la Mort(“The Grapes of Death”) enough. French zombie flick set in the countryside where the zombies are the result of drinking wine contaminated with pesticides, and those zombies are runny as hell!

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