The Virgin Cody vs Chad Wardlow

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  1. You are wrong. A good MIX of onshore wind, solar PV, geothermal, hydropower, offshore wind, biomass, tidal, nuclear, stc and some storage can certainly eliminate gas.

  2. Just efficient ways to boil water and/or turn a shaft

  3. I know its not what you meant but it made me laugh as available is in the definition of abundant.

  4. Aquino reminds me alot of the Billy Hamilton Potential. Both have some outstanding tools that bring them so close to being great, but they only ever show flashes

  5. Billy needed just league average obp to be worth it....ugh

  6. Coriander seeds give me a fruity pebbles vibe. Never knew what it was in Sunset Wheat until I made a Gose.

  7. You can't really oxidize hot beer because the partial pressure of O2 hot water can hold is pretty low... And pre ferm oxidation is good, no?

  8. This has to be it. I've usually heard it called Hot Side Aeration. Here's the

  9. Thank you for posting that exbeeriment. I learned brewing from a guy that started brewing in the late 90s so he believed in hot side aeration. I had a feeling it was mythical.

  10. It comes out crystal clear, light straw color with a little sweetness at the back from the high corn content, but it's a hit with all the guys from work.

  11. 0.24 BAC and Ketamine in his system. That's sad, very glad he didn't kill someone else driving that way.

  12. Well the passenger was passed out, sooo

  13. The camera on OHGO looks like the road's back open at least.

  14. I posted as soon as I post was probably 5 minutes after going through my info is 25 minutes old now.

  15. I started in Ju-Jitsu arts at 6 or so, had to leave a few years later for health reasons.

  16. We've been doing gymnastics for a couple years. I am excited to get him to my buddy's gym. Bullying doesn't stop at middle school (hated middle school)...continues on in High School and even College. There is a video out there, of some Oklahoma football players trying to bully some local dudes at a bar. These dudes had cauliflower ear (dont fuck with dudes that have that lol) and absolutely lit up the football players. I want my boys to be able to do that if necessary...but I also want them to know not to instigate just never know the person you're up against.

  17. Ah fair play. Sounds like your kiddos will grow up to be respectable young men!

  18. I've been using Voss for APAs for the last year and a half. It's nice and clean when fermented at regular ale temps. This recipe looks great.

  19. It's not a funk but sort of an over ripe orangey fruity thing. That starts at 80f and the yeast can handle 95. I prefer the results at 70f

  20. I was out at Ellsworth for that one. Pretty fucking cool to see those two together.

  21. Fast, nimble and its radar is fucking least when I was trying to study it back in 2010. It can see an enemy before the enemy even knows it was detected.

  22. "Try Fat Burger from now on. You get yourself a double cheese with fries for $2.95

  23. I always hear this sort of thing from people who don’t travel outside of the US. Go to Europe, Canada, sections of South America. People are very happy where they are and have no interest in cutting off a limb to be an American citizen.

  24. Go to China too...a lot of people are happy there. I have a friend who moved to Beijing because she didn't like what America is turning into and she couldn't be happier.

  25. “Go fuck yourself. I hope you heard me laughing”. This sounds like someone who is so afraid for their life that they would need to make a Reddit post? Nah I’m not buying it.

  26. Bold of you to assume gender. Also this whole post is a sell for fake social media points.

  27. I don't really give a fuck. That's all social media is....posts for fake points.

  28. Can confirm. I went to a Raw when they were starting the program for HHH/HBK vs Taker/Kane at Crown Jewel. Shawn came out talking about Taker and I was like no way....then the lights went out. Couldn't believe it. My wife and I were floored. Never thought I'd get to see his entrance live.

  29. When was the last time you went to a doctor? Feeling that wiped out from a little manual labor is unusual, even in America.

  30. You've got to weigh up how long it's going to take you, versus a pro. If it's going to take 6 months of weekends, paying the extra $xxk for labour will allow you to enjoy it a lot sooner, and with a warranty to boot!

  31. You gotta weigh the cost versus the time. Like we have a full bath upstairs and its worth it to remodel our master bath over the course of a year.

  32. So I brewed last night. My efficiency was bad, perhaps I sparged too quickly. But I heated my strike water in the boil kettle while heating up the HLT as well. Seemed to make it go quicker

  33. I don’t think the UE needs that angle right now

  34. Why? Just take the angle and run. Stop building and make a move.

  35. He no sold it so much that I thought it was some how a trick belt.

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