1. "Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe" it's a spin off of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures diamond is unbreakable "

  2. Because they ENFORCE the laws. If it's illegal, they'll know, but the effects of said drugs don't concern them

  3. Almost like being high on weed and being high on meth determines how much punishment that person gets, nice to know atleast

  4. Some people really can’t handle their psychedelics. Having a bad trip can send you in all sorts of weird directions. especially if you don’t respect the dose.

  5. same been taking dabs out of steel straws for almost 2 years now works fine haha

  6. How are you wasting it? Wouldn’t you just get more high than you would if you smoked less weed

  7. After 3-4 rips off som like that you’re just hurting your lungs, not gonna get any higher prolly jus sleepier

  8. 2 puns in one word is lowkey impressive, gotta imagine there’s only a few words that possible with

  9. ahh, thank you ! how long would you think the downstem should be, then ?

  10. Use a downstem with a 90 degree in it, way easier since u don’t have that much space to work with

  11. First they vilified cigs and now they’re using cigs to vilify weed, goddamn capitalist

  12. Back pain can be caused by multiple sources. It’s best to get a professional consultation before lifting in case it’s an injury that lifting can exacerbate. But yes back and joint pain can be lessened in old age if you stay active and flexible in your youth.

  13. I mean, you don't have to look like Ronnie Coleman to be healthy at an advanced age. Hell, if you're, say 60 years and you can do 5 pull-ups, 5 push-ups, 30 sec plank and 10 squats you're probably set to stay healthy and active for a long time. Do your stretches, eat your vegetables, go for a brisk 30 minute walk/run every day (or at least three times a wekk, I'd say) and you're probably far and above the average fitness level.

  14. 5 pull ups at 60 is impressive, got 65 year olds in my gym shoulder pressing more than me

  15. I agree w this, for personal use only tho. Lighting up w the homies is important to me

  16. My $45 bong works the same as a $450 bong as long as u don’t drop it

  17. for sure...thats the main reason im going china... the price difference is too great to ignore or overlook....for the price of one decent american rig i can get 3 or 4 chinese rigs, easy.

  18. Don’t tell anyone on this sub but when my glass gets too dirty I just get a new piece lmao

  19. This just made me realize there was atleast one slave who messed up all the time on purpose

  20. Bro I was in my teens and 20’s and had such better flower. Even the brick stuff had more effects than some of the larfy homegrown looking shit I’ve seen in our program in PA 😂

  21. Do not buy dispensary bud in PA it’s a scam, the tinctures do more than enough for me and they’re only slightly a scam

  22. People run faster with just a little bit of meth, it would be insane what they’d do with a lot of meth and a lot of other drugs

  23. you think there will be good growing conditions during an end of the world scenario?

  24. I was jus gonna say trig functions but these guys seem smarter than me

  25. The fact that you have grouped together ‘the elderly’ as being ‘extremely racist people’ shows a distinct lack of awareness about the concept of discrimination

  26. When I was a kid I saw my neighbors house get raided.. no thanks for now lol never knew the guy he coulda been an idiot idk.

  27. Look up civil forfeiture, one of the things govt can do if they catch you growing illegally

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