1. I live in a smaller beach town on the east coast of Florida and it’s pretty big. Almost every house has a surfboard in it. First thing people do when they get home is check the surf, or leave work early if the waves are good. A few little local restaurants have it clearly marked hours may vary due to surf.

  2. Disney World, hands down. The rides are terrible. The prices are stratospheric. And, get this, it is the same damned park over and over and over again. It's basically nothing more than a gigantic money extraction device.

  3. Some people just like going back to the same places over and over. They know what to expect. Is it weird? I can’t really say.

  4. Oh, I did. But I either went because friends wanted to go, or for a wedding.

  5. You must live in one of the more gentle parts of South Florida or the Orlando area.

  6. Yeah, I live in a smaller beachside neighborhood. Small town vibes for sure. Although there are fairly well known to crack down on speeders, there really isn’t much else going on.

  7. I’ve gone to quite a few pre season friendly matches. It’s usually a pretty good turnout, mostly supporters of whatever teams are playing. Arsenal played my local club in Orlando recently. It looked like a good turnout. I sure as shit wasn’t going to that though. Lol I support Tottenham.

  8. Honestly, if enough of my friends were going, I might consider it. I just wouldn’t really go out of my way to go. If I had to fly it drive too far, I definitely wouldn’t go.

  9. It’s definitely rain! And at least around Orlando, once you arrive at your destination what are you doing with your bike.

  10. The time sort of limits you. But if you’ve never been to downtown Winter Garden, Winter park or Mount Dora they are all pretty nice.

  11. You realize it’s less than 8 years away right? Only certainty is you’ll be older

  12. The 2009 documentary "I Love You, Man" covers this pretty well. Tldr it sometimes sucks as a male.

  13. I’ve probably met over half of my neighbors at our little beach access. You see the same person a few times and assume they live there. And start a random conversation with them.

  14. This works both ways. I feel people in general are actually becoming more involved in politics. At least in some ways, or reading into whatever they may or may not believe. And it’s becoming more vocalized. You are noticing this from your vantage point and seeing the other side. This absolutely works both ways. Even those who were non political have now seemingly become something that they had never previously been.

  15. It’s a shame, I’ve known these friends for years. I have no issues with anyone who believes in something different than me. It’s when it becomes everything to then, that’s when it becomes an issue for me.

  16. A majority of my new neighbors have been from Texas. A few others from Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Ohio. I can’t say I’ve met any new neighbors from California

  17. I went to my store the day after it opened in Melbourne, Florida. There were a lot of people, but it didn’t actually feel that busy. Compared to other nearby stores in Orlando, it felt like a busy weekend. Only there were so many employees. More people on registers, even at each self checkout. I remember my wife ordered some pizza while I checked out. She had the pizza in a flash. And said the receipt was coming out when they called her number.

  18. Then add on reflection from the snow and wind burn!

  19. Yeah, exactly! Some beaches in Florida have that really white sand, it’s super reflective. It’s like snow in that way. I remember driving through a park that had sand dunes on either side. The sun was just in right spot and I was almost completely blinded. It looked almost like it was glowing. I actually thought it looked a lot like snow at the time.

  20. The white sand South of Tampa Bay is made of mostly clear quartz, so it is literally glowing.

  21. I might see some teenagers smoking weed on the beach. Only because they can’t smoke at home while their parents are home.

  22. I’ll see a shark every so often. Most of the snakes I see aren’t poisonous, but I’m not testing that theory. While I do see gators every so often, it’s usually from far away. I’ve run across a few while out canoeing. Ive actually seen a coyote walking across a normally busy bridge in the early morning.

  23. It would help if insurance companies required an inspection from their own inspectors. Of course they would have to do this in a timely manner with an independent appeals board to oversee their decisions if contested. A time limit as it relates to how quickly this inspection occurs would be needed. Right now, the insurance companies just let the waves wash over them and keep raising the rates to us.

  24. I believe some insurance companies are doing this. I was chatting with one of my neighbors and their insurance company actually sent someone after a roofer came out. I only really noticed because I saw someone on the roof at different times, and I asked about it.

  25. Well, that seems like a step in the right direction. A some point, probably after a hurricane, insurance companies just let contractors bill them directly. That should have been a temporary thing because it's a trust that gypsy-roofers are more than happy to exploit.

  26. Absolutely! It’s a step in the right direction for sure. Hopefully more start to do the same thing.

  27. Hell I've been watching The Sopranos recently and I had to turn on subtitles because I had no exposure to Italian American slang before, and it took a while to get used to their Jersey accent.

  28. Haha! My parents are from New Jersey, and still have family there. I remember when I was first dating my wife, and handed her the phone to talk to my grandmother. She held the phone down and sort of laughed. She couldn’t believe her accent, and that people actually talked like that.

  29. No, but I do sometimes have to really pay attention or turn the volume up louder.

  30. I very pleasant. I am used to it being in the 90s even first thing in the morning. I do not expect this type of temp until late September or early October.

  31. It rained yesterday in the middle of the afternoon at my house in Brevard. Storms in central Florida kept us cooler. Seems fairly straight forward.

  32. And McDonalds is somehow maccas. Figure that one out.

  33. Maccas is definitely strange. In fairness while in France I heard McDo. Both realistically make sense. You just have to change the accent. My family from Alabama would say MacDonalds.

  34. It’s not really a thing here. Although we might shorten a name or use some variation of someone’s first or last name. I have however heard Robo instead of Robert or just Rob.

  35. Looking at Florida in Google Earth really puts the stark contrast into perspective. Particularly southeast Florida where you have a big gray blob of concrete development and then pretty much immediately have the Everglades/sugar cane fields.

  36. That’s basically it! Apart from the area around Orlando the rest of the inland areas of the state aren’t really that populated. Even while stopping in some going from one side of the state to the other, I almost completely forgot where I even was.

  37. Not really shocked, more amazed how sparsely populated some states are. Even driving around my own state of Florida, outside of the cities and away from the coasts there really isn’t much going on. Driving through the middle of the state is pretty empty. Sure you’ll hit a few areas here and there, but it’s fairly empty

  38. I’ve noticed that they are slower to both raise and lower their prices. So if gas is going up, the difference is higher. But when it’s going down other stations are closer, or even cheaper.

  39. It almost looks like it is glowing. Makes it even creepier. I remember coming up on a huge banana spider when I was a kid in Orlando. Probably still the biggest one I’ve seen. I remember the web was a green color

  40. The glow is the light from my phone. But this is definitely not a banana spider. Much bigger than I have ever seen.

  41. I figured it was. It adds to it and looks really cool. That’s crazy! Since moving to Satellite Beach about 8 years ago I’ve seen so many different bugs. Some that I haven’t seen around Orlando in years. I’m always looking out for gigantic spiders in my shed though.

  42. Visiting Orlando, this storm is insane. Never experienced anything like it, from the UK, my wife and I have jumped out our skin 3 times haha, feels like it's been striking within a few 100 metres of us every few minutes. Super loud thunder. Unreal.

  43. You’ve really got something to tell your mates about. If you feel the hair on your arms and neck start to stand up, it’s really close and you might be in trouble.

  44. I’m in Florida and depending where I’m shopping I might see none or a few. Seems like I’m seeing more recently. When I went to Alabama they just dropped their mandate and I saw no masks anywhere. My wife and I were the only ones, and it was strange a little bit. Because at that time although we didn’t have any mandates maybe 50-75% of the people near me were wearing them.

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