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  1. I like the ecological statement about human impact, printed in shitty plastic. Its really about the duality of man . . .

  2. I called a tech anyway. He came out and said the I was missing two pounds of refrigerant. Said that maybe there was a leak somewhere. He grabbed some tool that constantly beeping and put it around all the AC components. Said he couldn't find a leak, so maybe it was just low to begin with. He checked the temperature of the system, said there was an 18 degree difference and that the system was performing good. Told me that maybe I have bad insulation, especially around the windows since I have HUGE fucking windows.

  3. Mcmaster might not be too pleased with that as that's a clear infringement of their TOS. Luckily for you, I don't think you're worth their time suing.

  4. what exactly does it infringe upon Nancy Naysayer? he didnt print it as it sat, there was a remix involved which doesnt seem to infridge.

  5. dont ya love mcmasters models? the slight downside is that you have to fiddlefuck around with the threads a bit to get stuff to work well and seal, but well worth the effort.

  6., I think the point was, this is going to be enough of a hassle without owning a printer yourself that you might as well order the actual part.

  7. code or engineered spec for a hold down - earthquake or tornado zone?

  8. the ability to critically think without involving emotions.

  9. You can literally just extend the lineset and utilities down the wall

  10. Ehh I’d rather not pay to rip out my walls to reinstall a lineset on top of getting a deck built

  11. well, the cheap way to do it is to extend the line set, will not warranty equipment, but at least the equipment will be functional and not kill itself. bring to to top of deck (noisy) or wrap it around side of house.

  12. As long as it’s lever lock, I’m fine with using wagos. Those push-in wagos on the other hand…

  13. being that neither are actually hooked up, likely just install them properly when they are ready.

  14. Arguing that something must be fake because it’s existed for a long time (like maybe since the internet was a thing, for instance) is definitely a stupid argument, yes.

  15. tis not the single point of the argument, countering as you did with a straw dog argument makes it even dumber yeah?

  16. I already did look for it and updated my comment, and sorry you don’t like me pointing out your argument is stupid, but your opinion doesn’t really change the (in)validity of your argument.

  17. the "invalidity" of my argument that was in fact never - "its old so it cant be true", yet my statement that this never happened was indeed true, so go troll somewhere else because comprehension aint your thang.

  18. because that bitch is a 220/240 50amp heater, thats why you have to hard wire it.

  19. See, if this was a PSA and not a ZEV post, people would be chiming in, you get what you pay for, serves ya right, and the obligatory "just as gud". Point being, shit happens, qa processes fail, now you are just in for a wait. Im sure they will do a fine job.

  20. I’m pretty sure the sheave is misaligned just finished checking my bolts

  21. this, check alignment, else see what the vibration is without a belt in case mount is flexy.

  22. This is the result when kids grow up paying extra for call of duty weapon skins . . .

  23. flex resin is expensive isnt it? Likely more than a good tough resin no?

  24. Why is this being downvoted? Aren't they right that flexible resin is expensive?

  25. because reddit is chockablock full of nimrods and dipshits that "know" better than anybody else.

  26. Im hoping inside, else wrong box isnt it? Also - shouldnt that wire be clamped when it comes into the box?

  27. Correct box (these are for light switches), no clamping required for wires entering the box in this situation as the wires are not floating, or at risk of being pulled as the plasterboard (drywall) will be placed over the top of the cables, then plastered. This is the UK.

  28. there are no disadvantages to a 223 wylde chamber in a well made barrel compared to 556, only advantages.

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