Reva was a great character. We see her impetuous and angry as a child, because she was, in essence, a child. She was torn from the only life she knew and never had positive influences to help her grow. We dislike her character because the actress did her job and did it well. Reva was well done.

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  1. Screw the AL, the NL should just hold our own World Series between the Mets and Braves.

  2. Mmm, I'm sure some people are hoping Tampa loses so they can get a playoff spot or something?

  3. the way this season is going, that's prob like 12 different fanbases

  4. He won't get anything more than one year deals. I could see 1 year/8 mil for a platoon lefty hitting bat off the bench

  5. one of the more enlightening breakdowns, especially with regard to what Profar was motioning about

  6. lol he quit acting to go to college. never did he ever say he quite acting because he got hate for his role as Joffrey

  7. the Padres signing Soto, Bell, and Drury and still looking offensive anemic is equally puzzling and hysterical

  8. you know how ESPN will mic up a player and try to interview them in the middle of a game? yeah that but it's the front office

  9. "Michael! Hey! I know you're fielding ball but I feel like you're not giving us your full attention and I need to know you're taking this seriously."


  11. So his argument is that Tatis is too much a child to run his own medical decisions by the organization and so they instead have to monitor him at all times?

  12. the fact that the Padres failed to install 24/7 cameras in Tatis' home is frankly irresponsible and borderline racist

  13. temporarily bad for the sport but better to root out douchebaggery sooner rather than later so you can anoint players less douchebaggy to be the face of MLB The Show

  14. I mean yeah, since he took them he should be punished, 100%. But him taking them is bad for the sport, yes? like geezus, how is this an argument.

  15. Lifting your arm is pretty important for pitching.

  16. Then why not appeal and prove his innocence? It would be reduced down to 30 games and he could clear his name.

  17. is there any precedent for a suspension going down if it was taken accidentally? I was under the impression it was straight-up zero tolerance

  18. Mondesí reduced his suspension from 50 to 30 games cause it was just cold medicine.

  19. interesting. then yeah, no idea why Tatis wouldn't appeal.

  20. Terminating a fetus isn’t killing a baby.

  21. You watched a video of unborn life being killed and thought "damn that is so fucked up - reminds me of the GOP!" and if you don't see the irony in that, well you are so entrenched in your own echo chamber, I can't help you.

  22. Actually I saw that barely born bird and thought of Mitch McConnell. Once I saw it kill its siblings for personal gain it settled in a bit so I threw the joke out there and got no upvotes.

  23. extended win streaks are a distraction. if we pull this off, great, otherwise who cares. just stay hot as a team. 2017 Indians broke the MLB streak record and then got immediately bounced in the playoffs

  24. yes, it is unreasonable to be concerned that we're having one offensively cold day against a solid pitcher after winning 12 damn games in a row

  25. I get physically angry watching Max Muncy hit. This man just doesn't chase. You can almost hear him sneering "that's 0.16cm outside" as he takes a ball 1. Two-strike counts don't faze him. Then he'll whip out a hellacious dong on the 9th pitch. He's suffocating. He's Max Muncy.

  26. everyone but the 3rd base coach knew that was a terrible send.

  27. how does that even work. Like MLB said he did and Tatis himself said he did.

  28. even he took them for ringworm he still took them tho lol

  29. That’s actually a substantial improvement for Bellinger over his 2021 though.

  30. yeah, Bellinger doesn’t fit on this list. If anything, Dairy Queen gave his career a boost

  31. I'm fucking hammered but I think this is good so fuck yeah

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