1. That inbred chin can put king Charles l l to shame.

  2. Umm of you are interested in the Roma people, I'll say give the Urdu novel "اے غزال شب" by mustansir Hussain tararr a read. One charecter is Roma and she traces her lineage to Lahore.

  3. Sure! I’ll look into this novel i find their history is fascinating to me their language sound similar to ours they look a lot like us.

  4. Bruh that guy from behind poured a bottle of gasoline on him, thinking its water.

  5. Just googled her name, they seem to have quite a network on twitter and they're celebrating it. I don't know why the intelligence agencies don't do anything against them.

  6. Why does his posture, attire and hand gestures remind me of a certain Austrian painter.

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