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  1. You can fly from and in class D airspace but you need permission from the controlling authority of that airspace (in this case the Owner/manager of that airport). You’ll typically also need means to communicate with the controller while you’re operating in the airspace. Either on board radio comms or you’ll have to call and let them know when and where you are flying in/around the D space.

  2. Alright, thank you. I’m probably not gonna risk it because it fairly busy. Not to busy, (1-3 an hour) but I really don’t want to risk it being a beginner.

  3. 1-3 an hour is not that busy at all, if your LZ is clear of the pattern and you get permission I’d say go for it. Just don’t loiter in the class D, launch and get out of dodge. Definitely have an air band and a plan before you ask permission but if you stay low ish and exit the airspace I don’t see a problem with it at all.

  4. Two quick last questions. What radio would you recommend, and for “the pattern” are you talking about the landing pattern? I’m on the edge of the Class D, with only a mile or so until it goes to Class E, so I should be good there.

  5. I had a friend who’s parents hated her and told her to her face. Ended up abusing her as a child to the point where they lost custody. I feel sick by how many more kids like this will have to live their lives with that burden.

  6. Russia can’t even take a country who didn’t have many heavy weapons. They are hilarious thinking that they could take a country that is ranked 8 in the world. Especially after their military being crushed in Ukraine. Slava Ukraini

  7. The weight mostly matters while you are learning. Something like 100 flights in and weight will matter a lot less because you bring up the wing more reliably and launch so quickly (less running). You're just more efficient at maneuvering around all that weight.

  8. Alright, would somebody who is like 115lbs struggle with running or getting the wing up?

  9. Nope. I'm your weight too. Choose a proper motor and wing for your size and it's no issue. At the time I got into it Atom 80 wasn't out but I went with a relatively light frame and the lightest motor and a 20m wing and it was fine.

  10. Wow thank you for all this information. Sounds good, I’m probably going to look at the paraJet Maverick with Atom 80. I’m not sure about my wing yet, as I still have a ton of research to do, but am kind of leaning toward Mojo pwr2 due to its ability to collapse and regain easily.

  11. What is your weight? Aly at OneUp adventures is a good example. She is really light but I have seen her fly a Rider with a 202 attached (weighed more then she does), however her daily rig is a Rider with an Atom 80. It really is a bonus to be that light, as you can do cross country on a super light frame that people like me (240lb 6'2") would only dream of. Have you picked out a school yet? Your instructor should be able to answer any questions you have.

  12. uuugh. I wish I weighed that! Seriously check out the Rider with the Atom 80!

  13. That looks really good for the price. Thank you for all your help!

  14. For DCS specifically you can ignore the other comments, you should refer to DCS BIOS. It creates an interface between DCS and Arduino which will be a fantastic starting point for you.

  15. After reading through it, I am definitely going to use it, however from my quick research, you can’t make a joystick with it. Am I missing something?(I totally could be)

  16. In the documentation it's got code snippets of how to do different things.

  17. Youre genius! I totally forgot that joysticks are just potentiometers. Thank you so much!

  18. This is definitely integza’s alt account.

  19. I’m home now. Thursdays are always my busiest day (I hate Thursdays!). What can I do to help? I’m planning on picking up a few Ender 3 V2 to get ready for whatever you decide we should work on. I’m guessing that there’s quite a lot of stuff the Ukrainians need… Btw I wasn’t suggesting that isn’t genuine, I just think we should double-check to make sure that a) they’re for the Ukrainians and b) actually make sure that the stuff gets to where it’s needed. Instead of (for example) sell the stuff we make on ebay… 😲

  20. Yeah, I am going to email the Red Cross, and I already emailed the leader of 3DprintingforUkraine to see what he thinks. I am near a medical university, so I will see if they will do testing or something of the sort before we deploy anything. The last thing I want is for something good to do bad. I am asking on

  21. Wow, brilliant idea! FYI: I’m ex RAF (search and rescue), a volunteer first responder and trained in field first aid. I can also 3d model, though my experience is primarily in 3d studio max and fusion 360. If there’s anything I can do to help in any of those areas, please let me know. If you need my contact details, feel free to DM me. 👍

  22. Okey dokey! Will do, thank you so much for your help. It means a lot to me. I will probably contact you later (if I can find the time) and I can start researching.

  23. I’m not sure why a 3D printed solution would be better than rubber tubing for a tourniquet since it’s already widely available, cheap, and standard medical equipment.

  24. What about whistles? I found a really cool whistle model. Small and light. 108db unconfirmed, will confirm later.

  25. I think the best thing to do right now would probably be

  26. Ok, I already emailed comebackalive last night, any other organizations?

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