AITA for telling the family that adopted my dog that they had no permission to rename him?

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AITA for enforcing my house rules on my wife's brother?

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  1. Being any degree of caregiver is HARD. You're doing your best, even if it feels like your best isn't good enough. Someone will be lighting a candle for both of you tonight and wishing you some peace of mind.

  2. I will light one too, and my heart is aching and full of warm deep hugs for you and the others commenting here.

  3. You’re a good soul. I know how draining it can be to put the good stuff out there and I appreciate it, and will send it on.

  4. Jondalar's dream in The Valley of Horses

  5. I think Ayla is still a common enouvh Turkish name.

  6. This lady is Canadian and the Grandmothers of the Turkish babies probably don’t go around proudly telling everyone they were named after prehistoric smut and grossly winking though.

  7. Going for a New Brunswick smoke-break is now my husband’s favourite euphemism for a wank.

  8. Vellum and foil/metallic vinyl but it’s gonna be a pain in the butt and heavy if you’re mailing. Edit: you could try using a metallic pen in the Cricut and fill in the letters by hand for the thicker fonts.

  9. I eloped to a province where one of my best friends lives with her husband. It was the BEST! We had a blast, a great dinner and drinks, and it was really helpful to have them for reasons we did not expect. Like, he filmed our livestream because I forgot a tripod lol

  10. Actually I'm a little bit worried about foster care, having had a not-so-great experience with it. I'm OK with her staying with me for a while, I work from home so I can take care of her, but will CPS let that happen?

  11. CPS are more likely to let you care for her if you show some responsibility and CALL THEM. You can tell them you are fine with her being there, explain your relationship to her. The longer you wait the worse it looks for you and her mom.

  12. I guess it's because I've never been with someone who would lose it while doing that.

  13. I am 45 now and was WILD in my younger years so I can speak to a decent size sample lol.

  14. She has requested therapy once as a teen, last year she tried out multiple free counselling services offered from her university as well as the government in Canada, but ended up paying with most of her paycheck each month for a private therapy for a few months, long enough for her to tell me her therapist thinks she has BPD. She did end up quitting therapy a month later.

  15. Canadian mom of a daughter with BPD here, Lady if this post is real and not a troll playing Boomer BINGO, you’re failing your daughter and she is in real danger.

  16. My husband has lymphoma and he is super lonely because his best friend is an anti vaxxer and the rest are deniers.

  17. Governor turned swamp-dwelling-eco-warrior Clinton 'Skink' Tyree is one of my favorite characters ever.

  18. Is this wreath template available anywhere? It's gorgeous!

  19. I mean, make fun of the hun-ness, but all y'all making fun of her age are assholes. Everyone ends up old or dead.

  20. I’m imagining them all being mean to Baddie Winkle and it’s making me sad. The ONLY thing women should stop wearing after their twenties is the weight of other people’s opinion.

  21. Lmao for someone whose name is 420 parent.... I'm sure your kids are doing stellar

  22. Are you okay with for instance, kinesiology students poking and laughing at your dead body?

  23. My Dad was a physiotherapist and took the anatomy class. He was STOKED to know that he would be a part of passing along knowledge and said that he hoped they still pull arm tendons to make the cadavers flip the bird. I dare say he will be disappointed if his group has no jokes.

  24. My Dad chose to donate his body to science and transplant. His body will be cremated and returned in about a year. We held a beautiful service at the funeral home with a super long obituary and a live stream. It came to less than the Canadian death benefit. Something like $2000. It was the greatest thing he could have done taking that stress away from me.

  25. Seems overwhelming/extra, but could be good. Did you prefer it over normal?

  26. Lobster poutine is actually really nice. I don’t prefer it to regular but if the place I’m at does hand cut fries with the skin on, real curds, and uses hollandaise or bisque for the sauce I’ll buy it. It’s a great treat.

  27. He most certainly was, He retired early, at age 65, when Catholics bought the hospital. He refused to work where religion dictated treatment.

  28. He sounds amazing. I think your Dad and my Dad would have been great friends. Mine would have done exactly the same thing.

  29. He was great at the beginning it’s been the last three years he’s been doing this crap. I’m just tired of it now

  30. You should be! He is dragging you down to the point that you actually slapped this woman. Yes she is a boundary stomping arsehole but you should be focusing all of your energy on being mad at your shitty fiancé or on packing your bags to find people who don’t get off on having women fight over them. He is being gross, she is loving being the semi side piece and you are not giving yourself enough respect. Imagine being a side chick for foot rubs smh

  31. Pleased do 🤣😂 it was hilarious I’m so glad we had that kind of relationship.

  32. Thank you yes it was recent and sudden but the love of bikes he built over a lifetime! I grew up around bikes and I’m a safe respectful rider. My kids both had dirt bikes by 14 and at 19 and 25 an afternoon with Grampy was the shiiiit. My son is just happy im keeping them but my girl and I will ride them often. It’s a big deal sharing your hobby with your kid, especially Dad to daughter like this. I hope you get to spend many hours both in the garage and on the road with your younglings. Dad would be chuffed to picture yas.

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