Rapper 6ix9ine gives away $50,000 to a random Mexican family that are Poor

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  1. It was my first anime actually! I really enjoyed it… the first watch through. It was not nearly as appealing after I stopped being a young teen with a lot of angst.

  2. Just because you had to clarify that it wasn’t piss I choose not to believe you.

  3. You can’t rly see it but at the neck theres a little

  4. Yes it is. I basically never tuck. That’s just what us hung girls gotta do.

  5. He didn't, all he did was to say some words in a few Rotary convention about child's in risk of sexual exploration. That doesn't count as saving them.

  6. Doesn’t help that the tech that was developed is actually being used for surveillance in the states.

  7. “Free Adult Retraining” gives off the same vibes as “Reducation Camps”

  8. You’re losing the lead, pal. This is teaching Grandma how to use excel, not teaching her new-speak.

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